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Don’t be cute of fancy in choosing your layout and presentation.Some applicants tend to make their CV fanciful by using nice and unclear-to-read characters,as well as underlying,shading and other fancy characters.This reduces the professional nature of your CV.Remember;you don’t need fancy to make your CV stand out but simplicity and professionalism.

2.Don’t use passive words,use active words that demonstrate your achievement not just in the past but most especially in the future(e.g)in describing your skills or job description,use active word;estimated,evaluated,etc.

3.Don’t exaggerate:Don’t say or write some information beyond official limit.

4.Don’t add frivolous information-Marriage,Family or unnecessary information etc.

5.Don’t overlook non-work experience:experiences outside formally-employed jobs.

6.Don’t write curriculm vitae as a tittle on your CV.Some applicants are found of writing curriculum vitae,bodly in the top centre of their CV.This is not advisable because the document itself is a curriculum vitae

                                   TIPS FOR FINISHING A WINNING CV

Having completed your CV,before priting and sending to your recruiter,it is pertinent to:

1.Proofread the CV-proofreading your CV carefully enables you to identify and correct any grammatical errors and mistakes.Remember,that wrong grammaror spelling can attract rejection of your CV,or make it to be treated lightly by your prospective employer.

2.Checking the appearance:Does it have a professional appearance i.e.considering it’s logical organization,can the employer be attracted by the creativity and logicality of your writing.

3Evaluate the Relevance:Proof read the CV,and put yourself in the recruiter’s shoe,and ask yourself this question.If your CV is to compete with others with it standout.

Ask yourself this question

Did I express my accomplishment and skills clearly enough to be seen by the recruiter in less than 60 seconds?

Am I positive in my choice of language.Can my recruiter see me,as a candidate who can add value to his organization?

Am I accurate;with respect to information provided?

Is the CV Clear enough,brief and concise/

Why Most Resume Are Automatically Rejected

1.When a CV is not accompanied with a cover letter,which states in detail what you can offer your employer,it stands rejected.

2.When typing is faint

When the CV has any spelling or gramtical errors.

When the CV is hand written.

5.When typed on typewriter.

6.When obviously were photocopied.

sample of a winning cv could be read

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