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CV Curriculum Vitae- The different formats

CV Curriculum Vitae: Introduction

Your CV is a highly important tool in your job application success and more often than not it is the main deciding factor as to whether you get an Interview or not. So it is important that you crate the best impression possible, which means having to select the right format of CV/ resume to best highlight your skills!

CV Curriculum Vitae: The Types of CV Curriculum Vitae/ resume


CV Curriculum Vitae: The Chronological CV Curriculum Vitae/ resume

This is still a very popular template for people to write their CV with, however this format is now dated and quite basic. It is now believed that CV’s should be targeted with a career statement and maybe a skills index. This CV format usually just lists personal details, education, and work history (most recent job first). This may not be the best CV for your situation, for example if you have just graduated from college you may not possess a list of job specific specialised training, work history, or professional experience.

CV Curriculum Vitae: The functional CV Curriculum Vitae/ resume

This focuses on your career functions i.e. an expansion on your skills performed. This format is often used for individuals that are seeking a position in a different field. This CV type can also be good for those who are tradesmen or technical employees, employed on various short term contracts.

CV Curriculum Vitae: Targeted CV Curriculum Vitae/ resume

This focuses on the vacancy that you desire within a company. Again this CV type is good for those who are trades or technical employees employed on various short term contracts or if you have been employed in various fields.

CV Curriculum Vitae: Universal CV Curriculum Vitae/ resume

This can be a hybrid of all of the above. Personally this is my favourite format for a CV Curriculum Vitae/ resume. This should consist of a targeted career aim (specific to the role applied for), a list of skills relevant to the role applied, qualifications & any relevant professional qualifications/ certifications and everything that a chronological CV includes.

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