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Learning Foreign Language Makes Your Curriculum Vitae Unique & Prestigious

French is the most widely spoken language in the world. French language is the official language of the 33 countries and is the second language in many Arabian countries. In addition to the English, French is the official language of the United Nations Organisation (UNO), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), the International Red Cross, the Europian Committee and International Olympic Committe etc.

Knowledge of french results in many career opportunities in a wide variety of fields viz. international call center, french BPO in information technology, international career in law, the  tourism and hospitality industry, the diplomatic and scientific organisations of the government. Besides these fields of employment or job opportunities there remains a big area of freelance professional career as french translator and interpreter to earn an handsome amount per month. The career in translation is open also online i.e. many companies and organisations send their documents online for the purpose of getting translated. If you know the language very well you can develop an excellent career which will add prestige and a great value to your bio-data also.

To learn the french in regular or by correspondence at home and to know more about the language and career in french visit: -

If we consider the historyof french language we find that since the eighteenth century, english has been greatly influenced by the french. Now-a-days 40% to 50% of the english language, near about 20,000 words have been derived and borrowed from french. So the students who study french in school or college whatever may be normally get advantages more than others in the canadian and other overseas job markets and career.

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