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Cover Letter And Job Application Secrets

If you would like to get a job real quick, you’ve got to make use of a powerful tool at your disposal. Your Cover Letter is extremely powerful and can make or break you.

Remember, All Cover Letters are not created equal. The most qualified people seeking a job do not get the job interview because of their poor covering letter. If you want to get the job interview and the job real fast, your cover letters have to be amazing. Here are few effective secrets you can follow to write amazing cover letters for your resume…

Secret #1:~
Answer the purpose of the letter – You are writing the covering letter to get a job interview. Simply state that on your letter. Just tell them that you want the interview.

Secret # 2:~
Grab their Attention – Your letter should grab the attention of the reader. You may don’t know how but I’m going to show you. Don’t start your letter with the usual:

No Dear Sir/Madam – Be specific as possible. Address the letter to the person who has the power to hire you. Don’t send it to the Human Resources. Your letter will quickly get in the trash.

Attention Grabbing Headlines – Before writing {Dear Name}, use an attention grabbing headline. Here are some examples of attention grabbing headlines. I shouldn’t be revealing these to you…

I have researched {Company name} and believe that I am a great match for the {Job Title}

Three reasons why I believe that I am the candidate you are searching for regarding the {Job Title}

These headlines will grab the attention of the reader instantly. They’ll instantly pick up the phone to call you. Do you know why? Because all other letters would suck. Your letter would be the only one to stand out. Even if your resume and your skills aren’t up to the mark, they’ll call you for the interview because you’ve stood out.

Companies want great leaders. They want outstanding people to work with them. They want experience as well as education to handle any problem or situation in the company. That’s why you’ll receive that call.

Secret #3:~
Write in the Present Continuous – Write your whole cover letter in the present continuous tense. Depending on the tenses you use while writing and talking, one call tell whether you are active or passive. So always write Active Sentences and be present minded enough to write and talk in the present tense.

Secret #4:~
Sells Yourself – Your letter must simply state that you are the best man for the job they are offering. Tell them that you did research about the company’s business practices, objectives and goals. Give them reasons to believe that you are the best man for the job. That’s all. Writing Killer Cover Letters for resumes is that simple!

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