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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job Application – Simple Steps To Get The Interview

I looked into how to write a cover letter for a job application to try and stand out from other applicant to the same job.  Yet I didn’t really know how to go about it.  Most times a letter is included with a resume.  Many jobs that I was applying for at that time didn’t ask for a resume.  They simply asked me to fill out an application.  Something I started doing in these situations was to include a cover letter, a simple one, with my application.

Looking online I found many good resources but I didn’t want to turn in a cover letter that looked generic or over used.  My plan of action at that time was to get a job as soon as I could.  I had a car payment and I didn’t want to damage my credit or the credit of my cosigner on the note.  Aka my dad, I would never hear the end of it if I did.

I included a letter with every application I submitted and though many of the jobs I applied for weren’t high lever positions.  Most managers and human resources personnel acknowledged and appreciated the letter.  I wasn’t looking to impress anyone.  I just really needed a job.

This is what I started to put on my letter.  I took initiative with my letter and thought it wasn’t as elaborate as the resume cover letters that I read over with the software I purchased.  I did include paint a picture to the reader where I was diligent with my work and my desire to grow in the company and move up in the company.   I included any and all information on my letter that I felt would help me.  For example, I had participated in a work study program recently and I made sure to put how well I was able to blend with my peers.

I also made sure to point out my fluency in Spanish and the fact that I was well versed in computers.  Most jobs now require some computer work and I wanted to make sure I was proficient in most programs.

I did land a job soon after I started to include a cover letter with my job application.  I did notice a difference in the number of call back I receive and I was even offered better positions than what I had initially applied for.  I would say that anyone looking for a job, resume required or not, should always have a cover letter accompany their application.

In my experience, a good cover letter has made a difference between landing the interview and not. That’s the first step, right? I catch the reader with the knowledge I have of their organization and a few other key tips I learned to incorporate into my letter. I’ve helped my sister and brothers with their letter and they’ve also landed the jobs. What I picked up taught me how to write a cover letter for a job application.

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