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Writing a cover letter and resume?

I just lost my job of 4 years, and I am trying to put together a good professional resume and cover letter. Something that will catch someones eye. I have already composed a resume with job history, skills, education, and references. I was looking at cover letter templates but they all seem geared toward a specific job or position.

Is there any ‘right’ way to write a cover letter for a general employment?

Any other advice or help, feel free.

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2 Responses to “Writing a cover letter and resume?”

  1. Emery says:

    It’s crucial to have a great resume, it is worth taking the time to compose something that looks fantastic and does the job properly. The site in the box below has plenty of data on resumes and help with extra vocations.

  2. Roughan says:


    Try this CV Consultancy based in the UK. They will give you free detailed and helpful criticism on your CV if you email it to them at They are brilliant and really helpful and did wonders for me.

    Here is their website:

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