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Cover Letter Format

When applying for any new position, you will want to have a polished and attention-getting cover letter. In order to assure that it is laid out correctly, you will need to have a first-rate cover letter format.

A cover letter should follow the same format as would a classic business letter, and should speak to three common issues: The first paragraph should explain to the employer why you are writing. Let him or her know the position you are interested in, and if you are replying to a job posting, also add the information of where you saw the posting.

The middle paragraph, or paragraphs, should explain what you bring to the table. Your skills, any special achievements, projects/committees/special assignments; whatever will cast you in the best light possible. Stay on point and give examples, the prospective employer is going to want to have your accomplishments and successes verifiable. However, don’t be afraid to break this paragraph into two paragraphs if it runs on too long; you’ll want your cover letter to have a consistent flow and format.

Your third paragraph, also referred to as the “concluding paragraph,” should tell the employer how you will follow- up with him or her. Give a specific time when you will get back in touch with them, either by phone or letter, and then make sure you do it. Not following through on your promised follow-up will not be impressive to any prospective employer!

There are many places that you can go to see for yourself a top-notch cover letter format. Probably the easiest and most widely used tool is the Internet. With a plethora of websites devoted to just about any topic you desire, this is a wonderful resource for you. Utilizing a high-quality search engine such as Google, you can simply enter the words “cover letter format,” and instantly be flooded with different websites eager to help you, and to show you what they consider to be a superior cover letter format.

Or, if you prefer the more traditional way of doing things, you can always go to the local library or bookstore. There are large sections focused solely on business and career issues, including job-hunting. It should be no problem finding several books with at least one example of a cover letter format.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the Student Services office at your college or University. It is there job to help you find employment and they will be happy to assist in your job search. Undoubtedly they will also be able to show you an excellent cover letter format, or two.

Always keep in mind that no matter which cover letter format you choose, that is only part of creating a winning cover letter. You must make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. Use your spellchecker, but remember that although this is a helpful tool it cannot catch every error. Proofread your cover letter yourself, silently and then out loud, and have one or two other people proofread it as well. By doing all that you can to assure that your cover letter is error-free, you are one step closer to the job of your dreams!

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