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What To Look For In A Cover Letter Sample

Do you constantly experience being turned down on your application for a job even if you are very qualified for it? Do you experience not being called for an interview after submitting your resume together with your cover letter? If you are, then you may be doing it wrong. Making the resume and the cover letter is the most important step in applying for a job.

If you think that the interview is the most important factor in getting hired, then you thought wrong. You have to face the fact that hundreds of other equally qualified people are also applying for the position you want in a company. So, in order to get yourself as far as getting interviewed, much more on getting hired, you have to write a simple yet a professional cover letter.

It may be helpful if you try and look for cover letter samples in the internet in order to know what to do when writing a cover letter. However, not all samples are perfect and not all can provide you an effective cover letter.

First off, think of the cover letter as a formal introduction to the company. You have to face the fact that even if you graduated as Magna Cum Laude in college or you saved your previous company from bankruptcy, the company you are applying for doesn’t know about this particular qualification and accomplishment. Therefore, you have to let them know about you and your qualifications through a professional cover letter.

Although your resume can provide the company all the necessary information about you, you still need a cover letter to seal the deal. You need to know the fact that a lot of resumes end up in recycle bins in the office just because the recruiter or the employer doesn’t like it even before they take a look at it. Magna Cum Laude or not, a cover letter can make all the difference when applying for a company. So, here’s what you should look for in a sample cover letter in order to know what to do the next time you apply for a company.

On the first paragraph, you have to introduce yourself. Don’t try making it as elaborate as you can but try making it as simple as you can like introducing yourself to your kid’s friend’s parents.

When introducing yourself, it is important that there should be a connection between you and the company you are applying for. You have to write in what you have in common and what can make you work hard in their company. You also need to put it why you are writing the letter in the first place. This means that you should clearly state what position you are applying for in the company.

On the second paragraph, this is where you demonstrate your knowledge about the company and also about the position you are applying for. To do this, try describing your past work experiences accomplishments related to the position you are trying to apply for. You should also explain in a brief manner about your qualifications in the particular position you are trying to apply for. In this paragraph, you will try saying to the employer why you are better than the other equally qualified people who are also seeking application to the same position.

The third and last paragraph is where you thank the employer and provide them with your email address and phone numbers in case they want to contact you for an interview scheduling.

These are the things that you should look for in a sample cover letter that you should follow. With this, your chances of getting hired will definitely go up. Just make sure you proof read it first before mailing or faxing it.

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