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Who do I see first, who goes to the heap, who gets dumped? The one with the MBA or BS? Each section of your cover letter is examined in the reckoning of who’s worth talking to for the job. Can a free cover letter example put you at the head of the line?

Here are just a few powerful tactics for modifying resume cover letters samples so you get singled out and called in.

Free Cover Letter Sample

Don’t stop at one cover letter.

Send several. And yes, to the same recruiting manager. Standard wisdom says no. That’s why no one else does. If the vacancy is appealing, the recruiter is getting hundreds of job packets. Second copy cover letters will be confusing at best and seem like pleading at worst. And that’s right. For everyone who’s submitting a free cover letter example.

But not for you when you continue to give value. “Multiple step campaigns,” numerous letters that give incremental value every time, are extraordinarily convincing. And repetition can be your most valuable tool.

Just make sure your message is always “here’s some insight that might work for you right now” and not “I really want the job.”

So don’t send resume cover letters samples. Instead, use Google News to find out what’s happened in the industry you’ve already applied to and drop a line to each recruiter when you uncover reports that you can add value to.

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Grab control of the hiring requirements for your job.

The employer has already decided what she wants in an applicant and odds are, no free cover letter example will change it.

One of your highest priorities in your job hunt has to be resetting the hiring requirements for your hiring manager. This is one of those things that a custom cover letter can do that a resume can’t.

What resets hiring requirements? Not bland language from resume cover letters samples. But logical argument supported by data.

Take this as an example. In your cover letter, you say, “Very often supervisors hunt for deep technical ability for a job such as this one. And then they’re unhappy when that product manager can’t communicate with project management…” Heighten the problem, “At best, it slows down the development cycle while poor communication is worked out. At worst, it requires rework.” Then turn the line of reasoning to explain why you’re so valuable. “Actually in an industry-wide research program, communication skills earned a higher ROI than entering technical skills. That’s why I took classes in the evenings to…”

That will leave the guys with the free cover letter example in the dust.

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