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Sample Cover Letters Teacher

The internet is flooded with hundreds of resume samples, which is one less worry. However, to make your resume professional and effective, you need to understand the importance of layout and wording. As you will discover in this article, there are a number of tips to provide you with the extra help needed when using a sample resume.

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You need to know what works and what does not work when creating a resume. Chances are, you have been sending out resume after resume without much…


Resume Cover Sheet

Creating a resume cover sheet is a very important part of applying for a job, either online or off line. There are many resume writing services that will help you build an impressive resume for job interviews.

Many sites will show you tips and advice on choosing a resume style that works best for you. My favorite site is examples cover sheet.

You can also find samples of cover sheet for resume.

Whether your looking to create a sample cashier resume, resume…


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You Aren’t Single Dimensional – So Why Is Your Resume?

Choosing a resume style is as difficult or easy as choosing the most suitable dress or suit for that all-important interview. It is all too simplistic to say that a one ‘jacket fits all’ strategy will work for everyone when deciding what resume style to use – still, most job seekers take this approach and use a functional resume, even when it may not be well suited to their specific situation. One appropriate alternative to the functional resume is the combination resume. You may wonder how this type of…


A New Twist On An Old Friend – The Chronological Resume

What is a chronological resume? A chronological resume is a resume in which you list your past jobs and educational qualifications in reverse chronological order, beginning from the latest or the present one first. This is the traditional and most well known resume format.

Why Use A Chronological Resume?

A chronological resume is especially effective for mid-career professionals and new grads that have limited work experience. It allows the employer to see all of your qualifications including education upfront. Your resume shouldn’t read like a Ph.D. Dissertation – it…


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Professional Resume Example

If you are seeking employment, you will want to build a professional resume. There are many different ways to build a professional resume and for a professional resume example, you can look a number of places online. There are also many different software programs that will show you a quality professional resume example which you can copy and simply add your own information.

Many people choose to build their resumes on their word processors. Most word processing programs have templates that can be used to give one an accurate…


The Chronological Resume – The Pros And Cons

Your resume should be able to convince a person within the space of about half a minute that you are a person they need to meet with; that here is a person that deserves an interview. So this half minute of attention from a prospective employer that you have, is what you have to use to get across as much information about your abilities, experience and skill as you can, by way of your resume. The two main examples of resumes that people use are…


Should You Lie on Your Resume?

Lying on your resume can be tempting. Perhaps you know, without any doubt, that you have the skills and abilities an employer is looking for. You just don’t have the degree. So, you are considering exaggerating the semester of coursework you took 15 years ago, into a degree. Is lying too strong of a word? Perhaps you are more comfortable saying that you embellished your resume, stretched the truth, or slightly overstated your qualifications. Are those phrases more comfortable for you? After all, doesn’t everyone do a little “polishing”…


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