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Will using a MW template with color hurt my chances at getting a job?

I was looking at some really neat templates with color but is that professional I mean it’s just borders is that bad? Also there are some cover letters with color as well is that proffesional. Do you hire people with resumes that have color? What type of resume stands out in a good way. My resumes always look so boring to me I need help.

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One Response to “Will using a MW template with color hurt my chances at getting a job?”

  1. Chica Loca says:

    I would stray from color if I were you. A very minimal use of color may bring attention to your resume; however you dont want to have a full-fledged border, bright colors, or foo foo design schemes.

    Templates can be very nice. Think of what you would see on a business letter head…less is more.

    Also take into context the position you are applying for. If you are applying for work in graphic design, artistry, or like jobs more color or texture may be appropriate, but use caution.

    If the position is for customer service, a small bright single color border at the top of your cover letter might work–it will emulate a bright personality if it is accompanied by an ambitious cover letter.

    Dont use symbols with color or graphics.

    Look over templates without color first–your bound to find something you like. If you must, use the minimalist design for color and keep 2 resumes to distribute with your discretion.

    Good luck!