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I need to know how to find a job without using job search engines?

I graduated with my MBA in December and I also have a BS in Economics. I did not think I would have much trouble finding a job. I live in the Dallas area and have been trying to find a job using job search engines such as Monster, Career Builder, and Hot Jobs but four months later I am not having much luck. I went to school out of state and so the school’s resources are not of much use to me. With the internet and technology I feel as if I am getting overlooked because of the number of applicants that can apply even from their current jobs. I tried walking my resume into local companies but most do not accept resumes in person any longer. I really need some advice to get noticed because I am afraid that soon I will have to take a job that I am overqualified for because my grace period for my loans is running out.

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  1. Diva says:


    good luck

  2. Lizzy says:

    I would try an executive recruiter. Just do a search for a recruiter in Dallas on google.

  3. tattie_herbert says:

    With those worthwhile qualifications you should be snapped up straight away!

  4. ttpawpaw says:

    There are several options open to you. I under stand that going to school out of state the schools recruiting services are less that desireable. Start with the Sunday paper. There are two section in particular. The first is jobs, the second is the head hunters. Let the head hunters do the searching for you. Most of the better ones wil not charge you but will charge the recruiting company. I have gotten several jobs there and had several friends do the same.

  5. comcastmyass says:

    I have [2] suggestions:

    1]-try craigs
    i personally found employment from this site.
    2]-try the persenonal “job seekers” who do the searching
    for you,all thats left is you showing up for work.
    temp 2 perm, trust this i lived in waxahachie texas for 7 years
    whos heard of waxahachie? not many,my point is i recieved
    2 great offers from temp agencies i chose the ones i wanted,
    good luck .

  6. Thomas H says:

    Try changing your resume on those online job sites. I sent out over 100 applications online and didn’t get any responses. Once I changed my resume and reposted it on Careerbuilding and I started getting calls the next day. I couldn’t believe it. I went from a job history resume to a skills resume and that did the trick. Do some searching online for tips and hints on how to improve your resume.

  7. FM says:

    I agree with the post about changing your resume around. I changed to a functional resume style from chronologic and I got a lot more responses that way.

    You should also consider going directly to company websites to find their openings and application procedures, since some companies don’t post their positions, but they contact info and some listings are on the website.

    Like some other posters mentioned, you should also apply your information to jobs search organizations who spend their time trying to fill job positions.

  8. Job Search Pro says:

    You don’t say what your MBA concentration was, nor what kind of job you want, so this answer will be general.

    The best way to land a job is networking – a friend of a friend is hired. Not necessarily the absolutely best qualified person for the job, but known by someone in the employer’s business who is comfortable with them

    Your disadvantage is that your school doesn’t provide you with good support in Dallas, which means that your network is weak. So, start building it! Ask your colleges’ (both grad and undergrad) career centers, if they have a list of alumni who have agreed to “mentor” other alums in the Dallas area into their industry (or company).

    I did a quick Google search on “marketing association Dallas” and found several groups which have monthly meetings. There is a better search, I’m sure you can run, if you aren’t interested in a marketing job.

    * Business Marketing Association, Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter – meets for lunch the 4th Monday of each month –

    * The Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the Interactive Marketing Association –

    The next meeting is at noon on April 19, the 7th Annual Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards Show. And there are jobs posted at the Website.

    * The Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the American Marketing Association – It actually has a Career Center with job postings.

    I’m sure there are more organizations which would be of interest to you and also beneficial for your career and job search. Go. Volunteer (if possible, be the person checking people in for the meetings, and you get to say hello to everyone with no pressure!) The first time will be awkward, but it will get better the more you go and the more people you can force yourself to talk to. Being on a committee is a great way to meet people and to have a reason to speak with other members.

    As far as “job search engines” are concerned, don’t give up so quickly. I interview people about how they’ve landed their jobs. These are the most effective job sites for a successful online job search:

    * for DFW –

    Craigslist is the job site specified the most often in the last year as the site someone used to successfully find a job. It beat the other sites (including Monster and CareerBuilder) hands down. Not even close.

    Craigslist is a giant online classifieds site, broken up by location. For each location, employers post “jobs” and “gigs” (which are short-term jobs, like project assignments, that may tide you over until you get a real job). Jobs are posted in reverse chronological order – newest at the top. See this Guide to Using Craigslist to Find a Job –

    * –

    This site is a central source for finding job opportunities listed. Indeed is a “job aggregator” which collects jobs from job sites (like Monster, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder, but NOT Craigslist) as well as from employers, newspapers, etc., so you go to one central place to search for the jobs and cover more sites than you even know about.

    I did a quick Indeed search on MBA jobs in Dallas, TX, and it found 1,887 listings! You’ll need to refine that search quite a bit by specifying what kind of job you want, but that’s a great starting point.

    * –

    With over 8,300 links to employers and career resources, organized by state or specialty, Job-Hunt will help you identify possible employers and also job search networking and local support groups to help you with your networking.

    For the state of Texas, Job-Hunt links to nearly 300 local resources and employers:

    - – local job search support groups
    - – local job sites and online classifieds
    - – state and local governments
    - – colleges and universities
    - – public school districts
    - – banks and financial companies
    - – internet and technology companies
    - – medical, biotech, and pharma companies
    - – many other Texas employers

    Be sure to follow up your online application with an offline approach. Send a paper copy of your resume with a snappy cover letter that connects the dots between their requirements and your experience. Then call them to make sure that they received one or the other, and to see if they have any questions about you and what the next steps in the job search process are.

    You WILL get a job in time. Don’t give up. Don’t give in to discouragement!!!

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