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How do I incorporate my salary requirements into my cover letter without coming across as two demanding?

Does anyone know how to incorporate your salary requirements into a cover letter. I am a college student and I want to start sending my resume and cover letter out to employers so I can obtain a job when I graduate this may. Believe it or not none of my professors ever taught this in any of my classes. I have been searching online for templates but I can’t seem to find anything useful can anyone offer any advice.
I know you are not suppose to include the salary requirements but this job posting specified to email the resume and cover letter with salary requirements. So now I’m stuck because I have never done so before

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8 Responses to “How do I incorporate my salary requirements into my cover letter without coming across as two demanding?”

  1. heartzablaze215 says:

    You should never include salary in the cover letter… ever. Only talk about salary face to face (Usually when they bring it up).

  2. Anthony B says:

    Never put your salary requirements in a cover letter.
    That’s something you discuss in person.
    More importantly, in negotiations, it’s often felt that the first person to name a number loses. I’m not sure that’s always the case, but in general, let the interviewer start the salary discussion.

  3. amandafofanda66 says:

    You don’t. Your cover letter is for a general “I’m interested and good for this position because…” You don’t discuss salary until interview and job offer time.

  4. scottp5657 says:

    Salary Requirments is usually a part of the resume it self, not the cover letter. Most employers expect it to be there, so it shouldn’t come accross as demanding.

  5. Carol T says:

    I would not be including salary requirements in an introductory letter. Wait until you get a face to face interview before raising this issue. As a new graduate, you may come across as too cocky in a letter. Once you are sitting with a prospective employer, read their manner, their body language and their style of communicating before opening the topic. Generally, someone looking to employ a new graduate will have a clear idea of what salary they will offer, so I believe they will raise the topic first. If they ask you what your salary expectation is, try to phrase your response as humbly as you can while still remaining clear and firm about what you want. I don’t know what industry you are talking about, but only this week I started a new graduate. I told him at the interview what remuneration I was offering and left it to him to decide. Good luck

  6. phwanda2 says:

    You should not mention salary requirements in the cover letter. It is simply in bad taste. To avoid wasting your time, as well as that of the interviewer, you can ask HR about the salary range. If they don’t supply it, you can ask for it if and when the interview is arranged.

  7. J says:


    Instead of incorporating it into your cover letter. Let your salary requirements remain negotiable. Get the interview first, then find out what the job description is before you submit salary requirements.

    Many employers will post a job making it sound like a great paying job, just to have it turn out to be not worth your schooling or intellect.

    Hope this helps,

  8. julie e says:

    Try typing ” salary requirements+ sample cover letter” in google for lots of free templates….
    Here’s just one I found.
    Change it to fit your needs. Good luck