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Teacher Resume

Creating a teacher resume is really no different than creating any type of resume. As is the case with all resumes, the objective is to state the job for which you are seeking, list your qualifications that make you the right person for the job and list your educational experience. A teacher resume must also list certifications that are needed for whatever type of teaching job you are seeking. Different teaching jobs in different states require certain certifications. Prior to applying for the job, you should make certain that you have the correct teaching certification.

A teacher resume should be professional and concise. You should use a classic font and paper. Stay away from colored papers or fanciful fonts this does not look professional and may actually harm your chances of even getting someone to read your resume. You will want to put your name, address and phone number as well as an e-mail address on the top of the page. You will also want to put down the position for which you are seeking. This will also be addressed in your cover letter, but these sometimes get separated from the actual resume, so it is a good idea to have the position that you seek written on your teacher resume.

If you have prior experience as a teacher, you should include this first on your teacher resume. Put down the name and address of the last place where you worked and what you taught. You should also put down the dates from which you were employed. Then you will want to list your duties in that position. It is best to put these down in bullet format as it is often easier for the person who is reading the resume to read. Make sure that you include all of your accomplishments. This is no time to be modest, this is the time to shine.

Other teaching experience should also be included in your resume. You should always start from the last place of employment and work your way down to the first. As teachers are often scrutinized, it is best that you put down all of the schools where you taught so that your references can be checked.

After listing all of your employment experience, you will want to highlight your educational experience. If you have a Master’s Degree from a certain University, this is listed first on the education part of your teacher resume. You should list your degrees earned and any awards you received. After listing your post degree education, put down your undergraduate college and degrees earned. It is not necessary to put down your high school in this resume as it will be assumed that one with a Master’s degree in education completed high school.

After listing your employment and educational experiences, you must then bullet all of your certifications for your teacher resume. Even if the certifications do not apply to the position at hand, put them down. You never know if another position may become available that will call for a higher certification.

You should also make certain that you include any extra curricular activities that you performed during your teaching career. If, for example, you were the director of the volleyball team, or volunteered to organize the science fair every year, put this down. These accomplishments will indicate to your prospective employer that you are willing to go that extra mile when it comes to your job.

References will be checked that are listed on your teacher resume as each school where you taught will be contacted to find out what type of teacher you were. You may also have to undergo a police investigation as this is becoming more prevalent in many different states.

Your teacher resume should not include personal information such as your marital status, height, weight, family status or anything else that does not pertain to the employment opportunity. You may be asked for personal references as well as the professional references from your previous employers, and you can provide these on a separate piece of paper.

One thing you may want to include on your teacher resume is your goals for what you wish to accomplish in your new employment opportunity. If you would like to implement a certain program for reading or a gym activity, this is the time to put this on paper. Many employers admire those who want to change things for the better, and as long as your idea is within the mainstream, it should go over well with a prospective employer.

A teacher resume is usually two pages long and should include a cover letter. A teacher is one of the most admirable professions one can seek. Good luck in creating your teacher resume.

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