What can I do to get a job interview?

I have over 2 years retail experience but have only worked temporary jobs for the last year because I was a full time student. I am ready for full time non seasonal work but I cant get interviews. Can some1 give me an example of a resume w time gaps or a sample resume that explains why there are time gaps? Thanks
thanks for clarifying that. I used to get jobs within a week normally only having to apply to 1. Now I have applied to about 100 and have had a mere 3 interviews since April. I haven’t even been using a letter so I will start, hopefully this will help me avoid suicide lol

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3 Responses to “What can I do to get a job interview?”

  1. Jaydon says:

    It’s important to have a great resume, it is worth taking the time to create something that looks really awesome and does the job well. The resource in the box below has lots of data on resumes and guidance with extra careers.

  2. Dare You To Dream says:

    Most importantly, don’t lie. Explain any gaps in employment and use those gaps as an opportunity. If you were a full time student, say that and explain that you took hiatus from work because you are a dedicated person and didn’t want your work to suffer because you were thinking about assignments.

    Secondly, outline your major responsibilities in each role you’ve had. Always add a section that outlines your life outside of work, have at least three referees (preferably business related) and keep your resume two a two page maximum. Your resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter. If you know someone who has brilliant grammar and spelling skills always have them proof read your letter and resume before you hand it out.

  3. DAVID H says:

    Most would be employees don’t recognise the fact that everything breaks down to the quality of your application. Remember, to the employer, you are an unknown entity, they have never seen you let alone heard of you before, yet people say to me “Well, I applied and I haven’t heard anything” Then they show me their applications and frankly, most of them I would throw in the bin as they are rubbish.
    Few people seem to realise that your letter to the Company in which you present your Resume or CV have specific requirements. If you can’t bother to find out the sort of person they are looking for and if your letter is not worded in the right way then the Resume/CV is never read.
    Your letter introduces your Resume/CV. Your Resume/CV gets you the Interview if its good enough and the Interview – if you have prepared thoroughly will land you the job.
    So like everything else it is up to YOU the applicant to ensure that you application procedure is good otherwise there is no point applying.