How does an employer check your employment history?

Does he/she check your credit report?
If I use my former supervisor as a reference, will they just call the supervisor instead?

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4 Responses to “How does an employer check your employment history?”

  1. sunshine says:

    A credit check would be excessive and that will only tell them your financial status. Usually employers won’t check anything further than what you tell them.

  2. J says:

    Your employment history is reviewed by what you place on your application (not resume).
    Sometimes they do pull a credit report however they must inform you of this and you have to give your authorization.

  3. LADY AT THE LAKE says:

    When you file out the application you list your past employer. They can call them or mail a questionnaire to them to complete. If they run a credit check on you they have to get your permission. Normally, depending on the position they only contact your last two employer. If your information is not complete, they can get the information from the department of employment. It will show starting dates, ending dates, wages paid during the time that you worked for that company.

    When a company calls to verify employment the basic information that is given is–starting date, ending date, salary rate, termination voluntary or involuntary. NO REASONS given; they have to get that information from you.

  4. "The Don" says:

    Everything everyone else says is true. However, some companies do check credit reports. Also, If I’m interviewing someone for a job, I check myspace and facebook just to see if Im hiring someone who drinks so bad to the point they might not make it to work!

    just an FYI, but its not too often they check credit unless you are going into a job where you are dealing with finances. Then they have to make sure you have not defaulted on student loans, credit cards, so forth and so on…

    For example, In my line of business (I work in education), Im not going to hire someone to work for me, who has to counsel people on student loans when they are in default themselves ;)