How would you evade your present (vindictive) employer from seeing your internet job search?

The employer routinely checks the internet for Monster jobs and maybe others, I do not know. This would definitely be bad for me.

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4 Responses to “How would you evade your present (vindictive) employer from seeing your internet job search?”

  1. Ask M says:

    yes, it would be very very bad, do it at home or at the library
    or at a friends house or an internet cafe, never ever ever
    at work !!!

  2. icpooreman says:

    I doubt your employer has monster.com being filtered by his firewall but it’s possible, if you can get to the site I doubt he’s checking if you go to it. But why risk it right? Just do it from home and not work. Secondly if you need to talk with employers do it over email. Sign up for a gmail account and when you log in be sure to go to https://mail.google.com, remember the s as long as the connection is encrypted your employer can’t see anything you send out no matter how good his firewall is.

    if your question is, is there anything from keeping your employer from seeing your resume on monster? Simply don’t make the resume public, and just apply to jobs you want that way your employer has no way of knowing.

  3. MeInUSA says:

    You can’t .. you will have to take your chances if you are looking for something else. On the other hand DON’T surf the web at work..especially looking for another job .. the can EASILY find out where you have been on-line, even if you delete your tracks on the computer you were on they can find out where you were on their network..and FIRE you..

  4. Squat1 says:

    Your employer has every legal right to check your E-Mails.

    The equipment and the site belong to the employer.

    Do your job search on your personal computer at home, not while you are surpose to be working.