A Professional Approach To Resume and Cover Letters – How To Write Impressive Resumes And Cover Letters No Employer Can Resist! AAA+++

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How To Write Impressive Resumes And Cover Letters No Employer Can Resist!

See How Easily You Can Prove You’re The Right Person For The Job – The Best Resume You’ve Ever Written Or Your Money Back!

You can separate yourself from the pack with a great resume. While others don’t give this step much thought, and they ignore the new rules that have evolved over the years – exactly what you need to do to ensure your future boss doesn’t forget your resume. It comes in a downloadable file you can be reading in just minutes from now.

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

* The number one rule for resumes that USED to be true. See which old technique has been thrown in the trash bin. You’ll want to make sure you stop using this one before you turn in your next resume

* How a resume can show loud and clear your credentials. And in a way that shows you have what it takes to be a complete success in your new position.

* 6 items that must appear in every resume you write. (Don’t forget even one!)

* 4 things you must be sure about when turning in a resume. Know these and selling yourself will be easy.

* How successful job-seekers brainstorm before they write one word of their resume. Don’t forget this important step, or you’ll be sorry.

* How to sell yourself without representing an ego larger than Donald Trump’s.

* How to write an “Objective Statement” that speaks to the employer. This will keep your resume at the top of the stack.

* When to really let yourself shine with complimentary words that make you stand out.

* 3 step game plan for writing a “knock their socks off” summary.

* The key point you need to know when writing your skills and accomplishments. This is your chance to bore or inspire the reader.

* 4 gems to use as skills and accomplishments that will set you apart from the rest.

* 3 different formats of resumes. When to use them, and why to use them. With full examples of each that visually show you how it’s done. So you can’t get it wrong.

* How to craft resumes for the Internet. It’s not the same ball game anymore – here’s how to easily adjust: 9 simple guidelines electronic resumes need to succeed.

* A Fort Knox gold mine of power words. Use these powerful, seductive words in your resume and the reader will be hooked.

* Why you shouldn’t use the words, “Work History.” And which words to use instead.

* How to organize your Education Credentials section for maximum impact.

* What smart applicants do when listing their affiliations. And more importantly, what they leave out.

* How to use a personal interests section for maximum benefit. Warning: Read this before you even think of adding one!

* 6 simple steps for making your resume look sharp. Impress your future boss with crisp formatting.

* 9 essential pieces of information that must appear in your resume.

* 6 components of your “Positions Held” list that will prove you have experience for the job.

* How to leave “filler” out of your resume for positive results.

* Tips for writing with style. Use these simple, everyday techniques to spice up your writing.

* 7 things that should NEVER appear in your resume.

* 5 sample resumes to “copy” for success.

* Why the cover letter is just as important as the resume.

* 2 “fill-in-the-blank” cover letter templates. Guarantee cover letter success with these secret weapons.

* 11 key phrases to quickly and easily insert into your cover letter. Create a compelling cover letter with “fill-in-the-blank” ease.

* 2 sample cover letters that reveal exactly how it’s done.

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

A Professional Approach To Resume and Cover Letters – How To Write Impressive Resumes And Cover Letters No Employer Can Resist! AAA+++

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