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What are some good teen job search websites?

Does anyone know of any good teen job websites where you dont have to upload a resume? Or does anyone know of any sites where i can find a volunteer job fast?

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If I’m cold calling for a job, what should i say in my cover letter?

I’m looking for a new job, and sending my resume out to companies, regardless if they’re looking for people. What should the cover letter say?

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In writing a resume, do you list the company first or the job position title first?

My daughter is writing her first resume after graduating from college. She says that all the resumes she has seen list the PLACE you worked for first, followed by the job title. Back in my day – and this still makes sense to me – we listed the job title first, with the thinking that it’s WHAT you did for the company that mattered most, not which company it was. Wouldn’t potential employers want the more relevant information first? For example, if you list first that you worked for Apple…


someone emailed and offered me a job in will I know if this is a scam or not?

i replied to his email and expressed interest of applying..but i am a bit are some parts of his email – “Hello How are you? Thanks for the reply to my job offer and the interest in my family.I would like to see your Curriculum Vitae (CV)and also your scanned passport copy.Truly i need a foreign Nanny,i know that there are a lot of Nannies in the UK here but its just that i need a Nanny from outside,that is caring,loving,motherly carefree and well determined,that can take good care…


How can yahoo help me find a job?

How can i find a job off of yahoo concerning the usa jobs career center?

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If I quit my job can I be elegiable for unemployment?

They have dropped my hours soo low I am only on for 14 hours the next 2 weeks. I have already started looking for another job but have not found one yet. If I quit can I collect unemployment untill I find a job? I live in Missouri if that helps.

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What is the most effective job search website?

I am currently looking for a job, and it is really hard to find good jobs. I have tried SimplyHired, USAJobs, SnagaJob, Monster, Indeed, and a slew of others. So far, Indeed is the best. I live in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

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What amount of pages are appropriate for a cover letter to submit for job applications?

Thanks for helping.

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I am a highschool student writing a resume. How do I do it? D:?

I have only had one job in my life so far, which i recently resigned from. I am writing a resume for another job at a newsagent, bookshop, postoffice etc. What sort of things do I need to include on the resume? How will I make the employer WANT to hire me? How do i write and objective? Do I need one? Helps please? D:

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If my job was eliminated but I have a part time job – should I still collect unemployment?

My job was eliminated on 1/31/08 but I also have a part time job. I was told that when I apply for unemployment from my primary job which was eliminated, the part time job would also be alerted and I am not sure how it works but that they would be part of the calculation. I don’t want them to think that they will have to pay me unemployment so have been scared to apply but could use the money. Should I still apply and risk them firing me from…


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