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In writing a resume, do you list the company first or the job position title first?

My daughter is writing her first resume after graduating from college. She says that all the resumes she has seen list the PLACE you worked for first, followed by the job title. Back in my day – and this still makes sense to me – we listed the job title first, with the thinking that it’s WHAT you did for the company that mattered most, not which company it was. Wouldn’t potential employers want the more relevant information first? For example, if you list first that you worked for Apple Computers, that wouldn’t tell them if you worked in the mail room, were a software engineer, or were company CEO, which is the info they would most want to know. Granted, in my daughter’s version, the company name WOULD immediately be followed by the job title. I do want her to be taken seriously in today’s market. Is there one way that is preferred by employers today? Thank you.

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3 Responses to “In writing a resume, do you list the company first or the job position title first?”

  1. Gudrun says:

    I have met similiar problem before, here list of sites

  2. crehan says:

    The company you are sending the résumé to, is more interested in your experience than in the companies you were working for.

    The position titles you held come first, as a paragraph title, in bold but regular size font, and underneath, in regular style, in italics, the name and city of the company you worked for.

    Good luck.

  3. Tandem Resumes says:

    I agree with you and the previous answer that the position title should come first, followed by the Company name. One example of how this can look is as follows:

    Job Title – Company XYZ – City, State (2004 – Present)

    The title and company name would be in bold. While many people use italics in a resume, I believe it makes the document slightly more difficult to read, so choose to avoid them. This is really does boil down to personal preference though.

    Wish your daughter the best of luck!