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I’m dont writing a short resume for a job in the hospital for dietary can you please help me?

I have never had a Job,but i can assure you won’t regret hiring me,for the fact that I have nothing to do besides staying home and study for my G.E.D. Besides that I don’t have a social life so I’d be perfect for a job because I can work day and night and whenever needed even on holidays and weekends everyday if it’s necessary.I am 17 years old and I didn’t finish 11th grade.I can get many refrence ok point blank I really need this job to help my mother.…


Can I get unemployment benefit in CA after graduation and no job?

I graduated in June but have been unable to find a job. Do I qualify for unemployment benefits. I worked last summer (Jul-Sep 2007) and so earned enough to qualify for unemployment benefit. While I quit that job voluntarily, I am currently looking for a job and unable to find one.

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Do any crimes you commit before your 18 comes up in a military job search?

Just wondering. I know regular jobs it doesnt really appear but I was wondering if any felonies come up if you apply for a govermental job.

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How do you write a resume? I need to get a job!!! I heve never written 1 before!!! Can you help me?

I need to make my resume seem better then what it really is! I can’t seem to get anywhere!!! I’m only finishing grade 10 this year and I have passed all of my courses with marks of 86-90%!!! How do I make my resume seem better and more attractive for employers. It’s for a part time job at a local restaurant where everyone I know works.

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can you help me by meaning of these sentences?

1/ i can not think straight.
2/ it takes a real toll ,being so far away from Andrea.
3/ im part of a I.T team which looks after everything from satellite ground stations to desktop support.
4/my colleague pointed out a job but i was the one who put a curriculum vitae together.

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Can i file for unemployment for losing a part time job and still working at a full time job?

I live in wisconin. I work a full time job and a part time job. My part time job is making big cuts and laying off left and right. If i get the ax am i able to claim unemployment? I work 40 hours at my full time job and 29 hours at my part time job every week.

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What am I doing wrong in my job search process?

I’ve applied to maybe a dozen jobs online. They seem within my reach; I’m not applying to jobs that I’m not qualified for. I have a B.A., a stellar transcript, and good references from my previous employer. This is the first time that I’m trying for a job even remotely related to my field, and I’ve never even received a call back about my resume. I think if I could just get an interview, I could effectively sell myself… but I don’t even make it to that step! I’m going…


How can I know what is the best resume writing service?

I applied for so many jobs, but not even one phone call , and I think its maybe my resume. I want to try resume writing service, but my problem is how do I know which one is good, and is it worth it.
I really need some help because I dont get calls not even from jobs that dont require experience or any special skills.
I would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance :)

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C3 – Collegiate Career coaching – Promoting Job Searching Services?

Collegiate Career Connection (C3)

We are C3: Career Consultants helping you create, develop, and transition from college life into your future career, whatever that might be. We’ve been there – either you have a degree you enjoy but can’t land that job, or have a degree you aren’t thrilled about and just want a starting job in something else. Or you might just be looking to find something in the middle, while you’re deciding what your “purpose” is. Our consultants include a young mid-20’s veteran in the internet marketing area…


Just got fired from a job. can I collect unemployment due to poor performance?

The accusations were blown up and were very pety. I did not violate any rules. It was a three month program for improvement of performance. I did everything they asked of me. I really tried hard to keep that job. I worked there for 8 months. Will I be able to draw unemployment? I need the hardcore facts of reality, no matter how bad the news is to my legal rights of what to do. I plan to go to school and work on my masters.

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