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I am a highschool student writing a resume. How do I do it? D:?

I have only had one job in my life so far, which i recently resigned from. I am writing a resume for another job at a newsagent, bookshop, postoffice etc. What sort of things do I need to include on the resume? How will I make the employer WANT to hire me? How do i write and objective? Do I need one? Helps please? D:

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4 Responses to “I am a highschool student writing a resume. How do I do it? D:?”

  1. Whatchumacallit says:

    Go to Microsoft Word and pull up the resumes forms and it will tell you what to put.

  2. captb007 says:

    Put your job, any clubs at school / church / scouts / community work / Volunteering.

  3. says:

    Your first jobs will not expect you to have an extensive resume. Even if you do, employers only look at it briefly anyway. Once you apply, they will call you for an interview and ask you what they really want to know. Impress them in the interview by showing them how much you want the job and tell them how hard of a worker you are.
    On your resume, include any school experiences, volunteer work, interests and activities, clubs, sports, awards, accomplishments, etc.
    You don’t really need an “Objective” but you should include a cover letter, introducing yourself, explaining why you are interested in the job, telling them your hours available, etc.
    Good luck!

  4. eclipser88 says:

    Search online at Microsoft Office resume templates. There are literally thousands. Just look them over, see what’s out there. It’s great experience for you to see firsthand what’s there. Then, find a job that you want to write a resume for. Look over the job description and the requirements and pick out keywords to use in writing your resume. That’s what will make the employer WANT to hire you.

    The objective is a good idea for entry level just because you won’t have a lot of other information to put on your resume. It will help fill up your page. Ex: Objective: To find an entry level position which offers career opportunities to friendly, hard working individuals.

    Hope this helps.