What’s with the job hiring, cover letter, resume & thank you letter?

We used to be able to fill out an application along with maybe a resume & get either a “yes we want you” or “no we don’t want you”.
Now its a big huge guessing game. You send the resume to the big black hole never to know the answer again.
The company puts out the ad, but does’t have the professionalism to answer ALL the applicants. But yet, you should be professional, OR should I say a “kiss but” with all the follow letter and or phone…


Do i still qualify for unemployment if I was terminated from my job?

I was terminated from my job of 2 years, due to lack of performance. I am curious if i still qualify to apply for unemployment or not? I live in MD. PLease help!


If I take a small hourly job, can I still collect unemployment in Texas?

I was recently laid off in Texas. I did not apply for unemployment benefits at first, but I am ready to now. However, I am doing a small coaching job that pays less than half the hourly wage I was making at my full time job. Can I still collect unemployment? Is it more profitable to quit the coaching job so that I can collect unemployment?


Do you have to write a cover letter for a Sales Associate job?

It’s a part-time job but it’ll be my for official paying job. I’ll be so grateful if you give some advice too. Thanks.


Is it common to use your college instructor as a reference on a resume?

I just graduated with a Liberal Arts degree and I don’t have any professional experience. Is it appropriate to go find my college literature teacher and ask him if I can use him as a reference on a job resume for a writing position? I was one of his best students.


Where can I find an entry level research job with undergraduate degrees in psychology and politcal science?

Help! Im having trouble finding an entry level research job. I’ve sent out resumes to universities, polling organizations, and hospitals. Yet, Im having difficulty obtaining an entry-level job. My resumes and cover-letters have been looked over by professionals in resume writing and all have found the resume to be excellent. If anyone has an idea of wherei could find research jobs, I would appreciate it greatly.


What to include in a resume for a petstore job?

I want to apply to a petstore (Petland). I have never had a job before. I have never made a resume before. Can someone please tell me what i should include? Should I include the pets I have?

Please help! *10 POINTS*

Could someone tell me an answer from their head and experience? Instead of giving me links, because they are difficult to use! Thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Need job/career guidance ASAP?

I’m currently an assistant in an industry I never really imagined myself in. I have a bachelors in business, but I’m not all that sure what I want to do with it, if anything. I’m basically just looking for some intense career guidance. I know the most common thing you should do is to think about what you enjoy doing, but even now from being stressed and unmotivated I’m not sure what that is anymore. I’m trying to tough it out as best I can because let’s face it, student…


Can I get unemployment for wrongful termination of on-call job?

I was fired for being late at my on-call job. I wasn’t given a written warning, and my boss didn’t even offer to pay me out that day (which is supposed to happen if you’re fired). There are people at my job that have been late 6+ times and are still working, and I was fired without warning for being late one day.

What are my rights? Can I file for unemployment? I am going to speak to the HR Manager tomorrow about this.


Does anyone know of a job search website that matches people to jobs based on skills?

I’m basically thinking of something that will think of every imaginable skill people can have in the workplace, and you’ll check something like “I have skill and experience,” “I have skill but not experience,” “I have experience but no skill (sad)” and then will produce a drop-down window that matches your answers to jobs — sort of a virtual placement counselor. Has anyone seen anything like that?
Ignore the “drop down window” part. I really just confused matters.
Hey Kevin. I checked it out. It’s interesting. Definitely on…


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