5 Tips to Writing An Excellent Cover Letter

In the recent years, finding a job has become more of a challenge. There are many ways in finding out about a possible job opening. Nowadays, employers are already using the internet to advertise job opportunities. There are many job boards where the employers place an online advertisement instead of an ad in the local newspaper. Job seekers can search online among many options and these boards can allow the job seeker to narrow down his choices and know more about the company through the company’s website. This is a great advantage to a job seeker because he doesn’t need to spend more time and money but sending resumes to the post office, emailing his resume saves both time and money. The employers would then receive it the next day and the process of applying and hiring gets easier.
Now how do you make sure that a prospective employer will give a second glace or even get interested your resume? The answer is by providing an excellent cover letter.
Job seekers rush through making the letter without taking time to analyze their message, or proof what they write. They think that it’s the resume which is far more important than the cover letter. An excellent letter is the window of your resume. It will give the employer a glance of what you are offering and he likes what sees then he will be interested in opening your resume. Some hiring managers say that an impressive, compelling and letter made them open a resume of a job seeker. An excellent cover letter should make a prospective employer want to talk to you.
So what comprises an excellent cover letter? Here are some tips.
Highlight yourself to fit the job criteria. Focus on your unique and exceptional qualities. Make sure that it is concise, strategic and persuasive. Read the qualifications needed by the prospective employer and make yourself stand out by showing that you have that unique ability for that job.
KISS. Keep it straight and simple. Be careful that you don’t use acronyms, jargon, buzzwords or anything over the top. A suggested length is not more than a page. It’s the best way for your cover letter to shine and make a good visual impression. Avoid using too long sentences.
Proofread. Make sure that you check your cover letter for spelling, grammar, and overall readability.Avoid colorful fonts. This is not an art assignment. Use black on white and keep it professional.
And finally, use a professional looking paper. It would really affect the overall effect of your cover letter.

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