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Dilbert: Supportive Sarcasm Video by Scott Adams. RingTales presents an Animated Dilbert Cartoon. Dogbert is sarcastically supportive of Dilbert’s search for a new job. Dilbert says, There….my resume is done. I will no longer be a slave to my company. Dogbert says, Yeah! Now youre a potential slave for a company in an undesirable location! Dibert asks, Was that sarcasm or supportiveness? Dogbert says, You only think theres a difference.
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25 Responses to “Dilbert: Supportive Sarcasm Video”

  1. AravindMathman says:

    wow, Dilbert with a mouth!

  2. shadowhexogram says:

    @patrioticanadians From what I learned apparantly making a cartoon was a lot more expensive than just making a sitcom so dilbert and pretty much every adult primtime network ditched there cartoons. 90 percent of them showed up in adult swim.

  3. SavageArms357 says:

    Why doesn’t he start his own business?

  4. googiek says:

    His keyboard has only 16 keys

  5. MsSmileCentral says:

    you only think there’s a difference

  6. robs1396 says:

    one they should make a mrs foxbert and two is dogbert voiced by wesley snipes

  7. madmaxoftherails says:

    why is dogbert black?

  8. jonasldg says:

    whats wrong with that guys tie lol

  9. superesonator says:

    Dilbert is a lot funnier as a four panel comic strip.
    Why would they make this?

  10. JBounder says:

    Dogbert’s voice actor reminds me of that guy who replaced Grissom on CSI Las Vegas…

  11. seinfeldfan7898 says:

    @gofojibwas lol true

  12. freespeech4u2 says:

    wow, giving the charcters voices does not make it better, it makes dilbert much much much worse (is dogbet black?)

  13. DerektheRed21 says:

    well, sometimes the business world is funny..

  14. ziggo3 says:

    You mean like you did, and are still doing? Goof.

  15. mrgoodwil says:


    Stop spending your life on YT Responding to Flame wars.

  16. ziggo3 says:

    Oh, yeah… You still fail epically. Also, good job removing all the comments that make you look like a dumbass.

  17. ziggo3 says:

    Colored? What is this, 1920?

  18. patrioticanadians says:

    i liked the way the half hour formats went.

    the deadpan humor and the extreme spoofs of society really worked, and were encredebly funny!

    and there were ilttle comic like jokes scattered throughout too. so i dunno

  19. ToasterPig says:

    Because it was boring and didnt really go anywhere.
    I dont think Dilbert’s style of humor really fit the half hour format, or the expectations of television.
    The show was very intelligent and true to life but it was delivered in such a drab, deadpan way that it didn’t draw you in. But in small segments (such as the comics or shorts like these) they work much better.

  20. lhourston010 says:


  21. SonicKillMario says:

    and what is the fucking issue with that

  22. TheBadass1000 says:


  23. awesomecdiperson says:

    YES. I AGREE. stupid douchebags on youtube voting you down

  24. JohnEko says:

    lol is the dogs voice that of a black guy?!

  25. bozonkerer says:

    Wow, you’re politically retarded.