How to answer an interview question about how my job search has been going?

I have been asked this a few times. Do I want to say that I have been interviewing a lot and have them wonder why I haven’t been offered a position, or tell them I haven’t been interviewing much and come across as desperate?

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11 Responses to “How to answer an interview question about how my job search has been going?”

  1. Corey M says:

    Tell them the truth, you’ll portray confidence when you tell the truth and that’s one on of the big things there looking for

  2. bradysgirl09 says:

    Honesty is the best decision. With the way the economy is as well as unemployment and the job market, they will understand. People can tell when you are giving them bs, especially in a one on one situation. best of luck to ya!

  3. MAYA *Delusion* says:

    You can lie here!!!

  4. priya says:

    you can answer ” i have given couple of interviews here and there. i am close to some of the offers also but i was prefering your job coz…… u can say something gud abt tht company….

  5. Binthere Doneit says:

    Good question. I would say I just began but I feel very positive about two interviews and I have already received one call back. Remember to ask what can this job do for you. Not that your desperate and need it badly. Stay positive and confident.

  6. Bobbi W says:

    Just be honest and tell them your playing the field..its like searching for new puppies. You always have to pitch the sail on your boat before you can mow the lawn! Hope I helped! -Bobbi Wrinklez

  7. Jay L says:

    I would advise you to tell them it is going well, and then tell the person that asked that question how much you want to go to work for his company

  8. katydint says:

    Always present yourself as confident; you can say whatever suits you, they’re just drawing you out to hear HOW you respond.
    So you might say something like:

    “Very well, I’m finally here!”
    “It’s great, I’m learning as much about myself as the agencies I’m trying for.” (when asked “how’s that?” say, “I’m becoming clearer on what I’m looking for by way of job satisfaction, such as, working with managers who communicate well and working with a team that puts priority on results.”

  9. Diana G says:

    Every one is aware that there is a major slow down in the job market. Tell them ” I’m trying!”

  10. sready8 says:

    Tell the truth; however, add a little detail with it…

    For example, I have had a couple of interviews; however, I am still searching for the opportunity that is perfect fit for me.

    This will show not only that you are employable but you are also confident in yourself, your skills and your abilities. You participate in your destiny.