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Do resume writing services really work? Also does anyone have any experiences with them?

I’m 20 yrs. old and recently graduated from a community college, and I am about to start searching for jobs, I ran across an interesting ad in the paper the other day called 1-Day resume and it says its the only resume service in the U.S. selected for the wall street journal’s career publications article “A consumers guide to resume writing services” it sounded pretty good, but I was wondering if it was just an advertising gimic or if it would really help me get a better job?
Any help appreciated, Thanks

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6 Responses to “Do resume writing services really work? Also does anyone have any experiences with them?”

  1. سلام على كلّ من أنت. says:

    You’d be better off getting a guide and doing it on your own.

  2. dreamyfairy says:

    Most of the service that they will provide you can be found on the Internet with some research. It’s worthwhile if you don’t have the time to create your own resume, however some companies can charge up to $300 to create one resume. I am pretty sure that you have to pay additional for a cover letter if you need one.

  3. Reda T says:

    My friend used one, she was 26 and had moved alot, and had alot of different jobs, and not so much education. They helped her tune her resume to reflect the positives, and make the gaps, and short stays look more acceptable……I would say that it is a pretty good deal if you dont know what to write on your own……there are some good resume helpers that work with you instead of doing it for you… has one of those….GOOD LUCK

  4. Rod O says:

    If you can spell and use grammar they don’t add any value. If you are grammar challenged then they will write a resume that won’t be automatically thrown out for bad grammar, something I routinely do…

  5. shukry nthamy abo 3azer says:

    no really

  6. Homework Help says:

    Write it yourself, else contact a resume expert at websites like