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How can I write a job resume if I haven’t had any previous job experiences?

I’m about to graduate high school and I haven’t had a time for a job until now.

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9 Responses to “How can I write a job resume if I haven’t had any previous job experiences?”

  1. nolainkansas says:

    You tell in your resume about honors you received, club leadership positions you held, charity drives you participated in, etc.

  2. tbwr99 says:

    Talk about you, your traits, what you want, what you aspire to do.
    Give references, personal, school. Demonstrate life experience. I
    I guess really, be clear on what you want , the industry and career you want.
    Good luck!

  3. osbdevil says:

    If you do not have job experience, put together a resume with your volunteer experiences, sports you participated in and clubs you were part of. Explain your role in each one, and try to focus on the leadership aspects of your role wherever applicable. If you never were in any sport, volunteer activity or club in your school, perhaps you should try going for a job that doesn’t really ask for a resume. I would think a job at your local grocery market shouldn’t give you much of a hassle if you don’t have a resume.

  4. SwtLzrdUWGB says:

    I would put down any volunteer experience or extra curricular activities you have done. You can put in your resume and cover letter that you don’t have prior job experience however you have shown responsibility, dedication, related skills…etc through other things you’ve done.

  5. Tams says:

    Emphasize your school achievements. Also any volunteer work or extra curricular activities, computer knowledge, software used, etc. You should have some references from your school too, possibly teachers or counselors, neighbors, mention anything that you think could benefit you in a work environment.

  6. ♥Bahama mama♥ says:

    Place you school background information. Put your Gpa, only if you have a good one (2.5 and up), sports, or clubs you have attended all through high school.

    Check all the hobbies or volunteer work outside of school, that is a plus!

    this will be an exp:

    Tracy Q. Graduate


    456 College Hall

    Normal, IL 67890



    123 Main Street

    Anytown, CA 12345


    Objective: Auditor position in the public accounting field in the Chicago area.

    Summary: • More than two years of progressive accounting and auditing experience.

    • Auditor internship with Ernst & Young in New York City.

    • Magna Cum Laude graduate with BBA in Accounting.

    • Proficient with MS Office, Quicken, Peachtree and the Internet.

    Education: Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, May 20XX

    Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois

    Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale

    Courses taken included:

    Managerial Accounting Corporate Audit

    Intermediate Accounting I & II Financial Management

    Sarbanes Oxley Requirements Internal Audit

    Accounting for Not-For-Profits Managerial Economics

    Experience: Auditor Internship, May 20XX to August 20XX

    Ernst & Young, New York, New York

    • Participated in the annual audit of Zephyr Megalithic Holdings, including development of the final certification report.

    • Participated in quarterly audit of Alpha Bank Corporation, including identification and correction of over twenty major accounting errors.

    • Developed several Excel spreadsheet macros currently in use for reducing entry time and automatically cross-referencing for errors.

    • Received Employee of the Month award twice—first intern ever to win the award.

    Accounts Payable/Bookkeeping Clerk, May 20XX to Present

    Anytown Tax and Bookkeeping Service, Anytown, New York

    • Assisted (via remote) with payroll, tax, and account processing.

    • Developed automated monthly sales tax payment system.

    • Implemented Rapid Tax Refund service for individual customers.

    Activities: • Vice President, Student Accountancy Chapter, 20XX-20XX

    • Treasurer, Phi Beta Kappa honors society, 20XX-20XX

    • Residence Hall Assistant, 20XX-20XX

  7. says:


    If you did any volunteering while in school or led any teams, you can include these in the resume. Any part-time work can be included too. And any skills like organizational skills etc.

    I hope this helps.

  8. The Easy Answer says:

    In addition to including what eveyone else has said, be sure to have some of your former high school teachers write recommendations for you. Employers love this stuff!

    Success Secrets:

  9. TX Cyclone says:

    A resume should include information on the following:

    Objective-Identify what you are seeking in applying for this position (i.e. Seeking employment that allows me to utilize the skills I have developed through education, training and experience to contribute to the overall productivity of an organization.).

    Skills and Attributes-This is a compilation of skills such as technical, communication computer, mechanical, …etc., and attributes such as dependable, hard working, reliable, self-motivated…etc.

    Education-List your education with the most recent first. You should not include dates of education. The information included should include the learning institution, location and degree/certificate earned and/or areas studies.

    Relevant Work History-List the dates employed, employer, location and job title. A job description should include the duties of the job and the skills required to perform the job.

    Volunteer Work or Internships-Even if you were not paid for these activities, you still gained important skills from participating. In addition, employers like to hire individuals that have contributed to their community.

    References-A resume should always offer personal and professional references. You should not include these with your resume unless the request is made. It is important to ask the references if you can use them and to discuss the information that should be provided to the person asking for a reference. It is also important for your reference to conduct themselves professionally.

    A resume should not include the following:

    References to religious affiliations.
    Personal data such as marital status, age, race,

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