How would you write a resume if you never had a job before?

I’m an amateur when it comes to jobs. I’m applying for one right now, and everyone tells me a resume would be beneficial. What’s the form for a resume? what should I include if I’ve never had any job experience yet? anyone know any good sites?

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6 Responses to “How would you write a resume if you never had a job before?”

  1. Eee Gee says:

    objective and education

  2. It's a secret says:

    Include your education, any volunteer work you have done and interests. Try to keep the interests to only 2 or three.

  3. willnyu1982 says:

    highlight whatever you think would be helpful in the employer determining you’re ability to do the job and just make it look professional. The effort will count more than what’s on there if its your first job.

  4. kfayc says:

    I just googled “resumes” and a bunch of interesting sites came up — check those out.

    Since you haven’t worked, I’ll assume you are still in high school or a recent high school grad.

    In that case, include:

    Employment objective
    Leadership and extracurricular activities
    Volunteer experiences
    Special skills and abilities
    Hobbies and interests

  5. William S says:

    if you have little or no job experience, a good cover letter would be more important than the resume itself. be positive and sell yourself. say that you have little experience, but are very willing to learn and that you would work very hard to meet their expectations.

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