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Alternative Job Search Alert for Grads . . . Avoid the Resume Trap!

If you’re graduating this year, this alternative job search alert is for YOU! You must avoid the resume trap!

What’s the resume trap?

Well, we’ve all been brought up to think that the success of our job campaign depends on our resume. So we spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to get it just right. There are a thousand websites that show you how to write an award-winning resume . . . each one has their own formula. But this is a resume trap!

The fact is your resume is the least important part of your job search. And for a couple very specific reasons.

First, no one is going to offer you a job based on your resume. Employers make hiring decisions based on person-to-person contact. This is where you establish your credibility by coming to the table ready to demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to learn something about the decision-maker and his/her organization. And you have a proposal for addressing needs.

Secondly, if you make your resume the focus of your job campaign, you’re creating an enormous amount of competition. Just think how many others just like you are throwing their hat in the ring via their resume. You want to be in a position where you can bypass the competition instead of contributing to it.

And this is where the alternative job search alert comes in. You need to focus your attention on something else to avoid this resume trap. And that something else is the hiring decision-maker. You want to spend all the time you can researching information about each organization you want to be part of. And further, you want background information about the decision-maker you’ll be meeting with.

These days, doing this kind of research is a piece of cake. You have fabulous online tools like Google as well as online access to most of the trade association and product literature. You have the Chamber of Commerce and other business-related organizations like service clubs.

Best of all you have your contacts–people you know–from friends, neighbors and relatives to religious, business and political leaders. They’re all available to answer your questions and even make introductions or referrals to hiring decision-makers.

This kind of proven alternative job search alert strategy is just part of the whole alternative job search and non-traditional career advancement movement. The bible of this job hunting revolution is “The World’s Fastest Alternative Job Search System.”

Armed with this amazing plan of action, you can count on meeting face-to-face with a hiring decision-maker of your choice in a matter of days. And you could lock up a high-paying job in as little as two weeks! It’s the alternative job search alert that virtually guarantees your success!

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