Not So Fast! A Job Search Trap Can Ruin You!

Get ready for a job search trap! There are lots of them. But the one that often sabotages an interview is the question: “Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your job?”

How you answer that question will either enhance your candidacy or completely turn an employer off to you. So you need to consider the question well in advance of your interview. And practice you answer out loud.

Obviously, an employer has a vested interest in your motivations. If he/she detects that you’re a job-hopper, or a disgruntled employee, or a bad actor, or overly-ambitious . . . well, these negative images of you can be a turn off.

Why? Because an employer has to feel comfortable that you can be a productive member of his/her team. You can be a goof-up in many other areas of your career advancement, but if the hiring decision-maker doesn’t like you–doesn’t feel good about having you as an associate–you’re out!

So, it’s critical that you don’t fall into the trap. That would be becoming defensive about why you’re in the job market. It’s suicidal to think you can make points by telling a prospective employer about how poorly you’ve been treated by your boss. Or you don’t like your co-workers. Or you’re bored. Or you’re underpaid.

Now, all of these may be true. But it’s the kiss of death of you think you’ll get some traction by bringing these up in an interview., In fact, there’s a better way.

Instead, you want to refer to your current (or last) position as an opportunity to add skills and experience to a career path you’ve chosen. And now you’re ready to take the next step on that path. You’re expecting to find a home for your unique capabilities–a place where you can make difference!

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