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Resume help for a lot of professional experience at one Job??

During college I had 3 to 4 different jobs revolving around computers. Webmaster, technician, web developer, ISP customer services, etc… I was able to leverage this for my first entry-level computer oriented career job after I graduated college.

After 8 years, I’m now looking for a new job… I became a manager there, and I got a lot of good experience with that company, but how do I reflect this in a resume?

1) Do I even mention the previous positions… most of my past jobs were less than a year long. and maybe next to the experience of my current company, i’m not sure it would compliment

2) Does anyone have sample formats for this kind of situations? any links?


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2 Responses to “Resume help for a lot of professional experience at one Job??”

  1. Philip R says:

    EXPERIENCE should be the heart of the resume. The # 1 thing I think is important in a resume is to not necessarily explain what you did, but how you helped the company. For example…I worked for a company and did all sorts of jobs but the #1 thing that means anything is this statement…(this is not direct from my resume, but it goes something like this)

    Net profits increased from $10,000 a month to $50,000 a month while employed as sales manager for XYZ company.

    You can throw in a timeline of your promotions but do not necessarily need to give the job discriptions. I may add a few bullet points of why that job helped me develop and makes me more qualified for the position I am applying for. Most people use a general resume for every position they apply for. I have a standard resume, but I go through and add and omit the relavant/irrelevant information for each job I apply for.

    I am always told that my resume is impressive and a good cover letter is always sent with it. cover letter should be 1 good paragraph or two short ones. You need to get their attention, keep them interested, and displays your qualifications in a short amount of time. not EASY, but if you do it right, will get you the job.


  2. Russell B says:

    The previous answer from Philip R was a good one. You really need to focus on your experience and state it in terms of accomplishments, as Philip suggested. I’ve been a hiring manager (in IT, as a matter of fact) and hiring managers want to know what experience you have, but they also want to know how that experience translated to results in our previous job.

    Here’s what you should do on your resume. Use a “chronological” format (see the reference link below for a good example), showing your jobs in reverse chronological order, with your most recent one first. Even though you’ve been with same company since you graduated from college, I’m sure you had several different positions in that company. List each position, with a brief description of your job duties and several accomplishments. This shows career growth and that’s a very positive thing to have on resume.

    After this job, list each of the jobs you had in college, but just give a brief description of what you did and make sure to point out these were college jobs. This shows that not only did you complete college, but you had the discipline to get jobs that complemented your career choice. This is also very good to have on your resume. Hiring managers love to see this kind of stuff (I know I do!).

    I think you’ll have an impressive resume: several relevant jobs in college, followed by eight years of stability and upward growth with your current employer. I love to get applicants such as you!.

    Good luck with your job search.

    Russell B.