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Sample Resume, NO EXPERIENCE!!!!?

I have no experience just finish high school, any website that might be helpful to print out a format for restaurant job, thanks?

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8 Responses to “Sample Resume, NO EXPERIENCE!!!!?”

  1. Thee Observer says:

    You dont need a Resume for a restaurant job, just expierience. If its a five star restaurant you wont have a shot.Good Luck

  2. Elaine S says:

    This is a GREAT question!

    It’s tough with no formal job experience to get out into the work world in a way that you want to, but it’s a lot easier when you look at your life a little bit differently.

    What you’re going to do is to view aspects of what you’ve done in a new way and the link below should help a lot.

    Good luck!

  3. Jessica K says:

    You don’t need a resume here. Especially since you have no experience for the position you want to fill, handing them a resume filled with things that aren’t related is pretty pointless. Go in fill an application if they have one, talk to the manager, obviously dress appropriately and even though you have no experience don’t get scared or discouraged if he tells you the things you need to do at the job and you have no idea how to do it. Just appear 110% confident tell him you’re a fast learner and you absolutely can handle anything he throws at you.

  4. gr8ful_one says:

    if you are just out of high school you may not need a resume just go apply and fill out the standard employee form with school dates etc… have to start somewhere.

  5. mJc says:

    Definintely prepare a resume if just for the experience and having one always impresses places of employment – even if it’s just your first job. See for advice, but basically you want this type of format:

    Phone Number
    EMail Contact Number

    Objective: List a job objective (e.g., Seeking entry level position in hotel management)

    Education: XXX High School, Graduated June 2008
    XXX Community College, Part-time
    Major: Hotel Management

    Volunteer Experience: List everything and anything you’ve
    done that might be relevant or show how responsible and reliable you are

    References: Available upon request (or list them)

    Good luck!

  6. Dave's not here says:

    Replace work history section with skills section
    Customer Service – good with people
    Math – balance checkbook and good math grades
    Work ethic – chores, volunteering, helping neighbors

  7. Secret says:

    dont let it go over one page

    Contact info

    Profile (3 things about yourself e.g. validictorian)
    Objective (goal in this position e.g. to gain expereince in a first class resteraunt with a passion for customer service)

    Experience (summer jobs if any)
    Technical Skills (computer literacy, anything u have a cert for)
    Interests (name a sport and a hobbie that says someting about you, e,g, chess means analytical, football tactical, film creative, knitting methodical)
    Volunteer / Achievements
    References (3 persons)