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How to get a job, late 20’s, no work experience? Resume help?

I have been a homemaker (not a SAHM, as I don’t have any children)
for going on 10 years.
I am 29 years old, and sadly, I have VERY little actual work experience.
I have held a couple short term jobs over the past few years,
the longest was a 2.5 month temporary job.
The reason I have not held a longterm job is mostly due to not having a vehicle.
We only had one vehicle (until recently), and our work schedules conflicted.
Over the years, I have done some babysitting and house cleaning, as well as spent a lot of time helping care for my eldely mother.
But, no “real” work experience to list!

I’m NOW ready to work; I am now back in college, have a second vehicle finally, and am ready to get out there, and get a job, regain my independance, and have a life!
But, I am having a very hard time getting a job.

I would like to find a job in a call center or an office, but am open to about anything. I have applications out everywhere.

Should I somehow list the babysitting and housecleaning on the application, or just say “N/A” for the work history?

I assume I need to do a “functional resume”, right?
Does anyone have an idea for a resume template?
Should I list childcare and housecleaning jobs?

All advice is appreciated!

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  1. Lorenzo Steed says:

    You are definitely in a tough situation, especially in this economy. I have 2 suggestions. In order for you to get into a job with an actual company, you need an ‘in’. Talk to all your friends and relatives, about where they work, or other people that they know. Maybe you’ll luck out with a recommendation. Failing that, you will probably have to stay off the mainstream workforce, at least until you finish school – look for something local and private, like maybe a pet sitting service (if you like animals, and can work to take care of them in their homes while their owners are away.) I’ve had the same pet sitter and same pet sitting company for my pets for the past 10 years, so it can be done. Good luck.

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