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Can anyone help me with Ideas for a Job Search Management Plan?

Say you are planning for a job interview…
How might you manage, or plan, the resume’, job application letter, follow-up letter, and an interview.
I need tips and ideas to add to a day to day chart / plan that I would use as a job aid for employment. My chart will be a 3 week plan, and I’m having problems coming up with 3 weeks worth of ideas. Can anybody help out?

I hope you understand my question. Thanks.

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One Response to “Can anyone help me with Ideas for a Job Search Management Plan?”

  1. grammy says:

    I think I understand the question. I had to get a job to keep getting food stamps for my family while I was in college. here are some ideas I had.
    First buy a pad of applications at a business supply house. You would be surprised how many companies use them. Have all your information on a 3×5 card. Name addresses of friends for references prior jobs don’t forget the places you may have volunteered. Have everything you will need phone # etc. You can use an application for all this you would be surprised how alike they are.
    Next you can use the news paper employment services online whatever to see what jobs are available but that is not the best place to get a job. compitition is fearce. Best jobs can be gotten by going into places and leaving an ap already filled out. This shows ambition. But know what the company does. You can call and ask a receptionist can tell you what the company they work for does. Or visit in person. Employers will remember you if they can put a face to the name. Always ask for the manager when you turn in an app. I know places that throw them away if turned in through the drive up or to just anyone. Walgreens does this in my town. This takes lots of time but you will get a job that fits you. Wait a few days then call and ask the manager if they have had a chance to look over the aps. Again getting you name out there. Then send a thank you note.
    I know things are done differently on line now but the personel touch still works.

    good luck looking for work is a full time job!