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Will resume written in Microsoft works word processor upload onto job applications?

I am trying to fill out applications for work & some of the sites ask for resume to be uploaded. My resume is on my home computer on Microsoft Works Word Processor . The last two times I sent it on an application, it appeared to take it, but I never heard anything back. Would it be better to try to paste? Would one way be better than another? Most of these resumes would be going to large companies who I guess use some sort of program to scan for particular keywords.

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One Response to “Will resume written in Microsoft works word processor upload onto job applications?”

  1. Resumes By Patty says:

    It usually takes a while before anyone answers you. Your resume is most likely going through OK. Sometimes employers will send you a confirmation, but most of the time they don’t. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE YOUR RESUME because the format will get messed up.

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