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The Four Cs a Resume Service Gives


WHY does a resume service give its clients additional incentives?

Because the competition among resume services is tough: They can only be as good as the last batch of resumes they made for jobseekers!

To improve business relationship by developing friendships with its clients, a resume service goes out of its way to give “great gifts” which include:

Catchy cover letter. Believe it or not, but some employers glance at the cover letters of applicants first before they take a look at their resumes. A poorly penned cover letter might become synonymous to “failure to make a good impression for the first time.” Do you want your resume to end up in the paper shredder along with the other rejects or hopeless jobseekers?

A resume service gets no one other than a professional writer who will meticulously match your skills and qualifications to your target post or dream job; it will also give you ideas how to write cover letters for your resume that would help you make the grade in the future. A cover letter has the power to help you get that second look from your prospect company.

Copies in various formats. Employers have different demands. According to most resume services, one of them includes requesting their applicants to send copies of their resumes in Microsoft Word, text, rich text, Web version or PDF formats.

Having resumes in different forms means you are very serious to get that ultimate job as you are sensitive to the needs of different companies—you know and can comply in what they want.

Customized thank you-cum-follow up letter. A resume service can provide its client with a written thank you letter which can be sent by fax or e-mail, and that is if a certain jobseeker is not sure about what to write or tell the hiring staff or company boss who conducted the interview or examination.

Sending thank-you letters should be part of one’s job-hunting phase, aside from resume writing. Doing this restates the fact that you are very much interested with the position you are applying for.

Contract of refund. As to why a lot of jobseekers are still hesitant to turn to resume services—to uncover the mystery or discover the magic that their skilled writers do to really help them find their next jobs—only these reluctant people can tell.

There’s no way that a job-hunter can lose if he opts to hire one. A resume service assures a jobseeker that if his new improved resume would not be able to magnet pre-employment interviews and/or examinations, it will be re-written one again, and that’s free of charge!

However, some resume services even take these assurances a step higher. Some are willing to return the total amount of money that their clients paid to them if in a span of three to four months, their customers’ resumes don’t really make a difference.

And so the next time you browse a resume writing site, don’t wonder why it’s very confident, that it can do these things, it can offer those benefits, and so on.

Because any resume service will go beyond their mission of brightening up a jobseeker’s future: They will do even the most impossible thing we can hardly imagine to stay on top of the game!

Rhodora Rothfos is a 34-year-old resume writer for a leading resume service, and other Resume Help info. firm located in Alberta, Canada. She also works as a part-time career adviser at a university that stands out as a model of liberal arts education in her country. Once in a while, she conducts career enhancement seminars to equip graduating college students with the basics of job-hunting and resume-writing. She loves traveling to different places in her free time as it simply ?de-stresses? her.

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