Resume Cover Letter Example Mistakes To Avoid

If there is anything that can be the kiss of death to the job search it can be the use of free resume cover letters. You’ve worked so hard on that resume and sending a cover letter that you didn’t write is only going to show the employer that you are unoriginal, uninventive and probably lazy. Why on earth would they call you in for an interview when no one wants a lazy person working for them?

One of the biggest resume cover letter example mistakes to avoid is simply…


Changing Your Career – How To Write An Effective Cover Letter

There are certain procedures to follow when searching for cover letter samples expressing one’s wish to change career. Career change cover letter samples should show exactly how the introductory letter should begin and what it should include.

At the top corner of most career change cover letter samples will have the potential employee’s address. In most cases, the name should be written on the first line, followed by the address beneath it. Include the city state and the zip code in the address and then add the current phone…


Free Cover Letters And The Trashcan

Have you met free cover letters and their best friend the trashcan? They go hand in hand. Whenever you see a free cover letter, and you’re tempted to borrow it and tweak it to pass it off as your own, you should know that letter is going to probably end up in the trash can.

We’ve all seen the sites online for free cover letters. We know they are out there and if we know it then guess what, employers know also. You may feel like it’s the answer…


Application Letter Sample Warning

So, you finally finished your resume and now it’s time to write your application letter. You know in order to get noticed you need your application letter to really stand out to the employer. You want that interview, but you don’t know the first thing about writing an application letter. You understand all the key points, but you’re no good at organizing your thoughts on paper. So you turn to your computer, log on to the internet and Google “free application letters”. Hundreds of websites pop up offering tons…


How Can Your Cover Letter Make Them Want to Hire You as Administrative Assistant?

The foremost responsibility of an Administrative Assistant is to manage, organize and maintain information for the company’s employees, particularly the managers. The flow of work becomes smooth because of them. The job therefore is an important one and the need for an Administrative Assistant is growing very fast. Accordingly, the number of applicants for the position grows even faster. What then could be your edge over the others to get that coveted position?

In applying for the Administrative Assistant position, or any position for that matter, you…


Cover Letter Sending: Make It Worth Their Time And Yours!

What is the use of sending out unproductive cover letters? In most companies, you are given one chance or you completely blow it. You definitely have to give it your best shot. Sending out an unedited cover letter sample is one big mortal sin in applying. You have to be able to do something significantly worth their time to your cover letter sample before you actually press the send button. If at all possible, create a separate cover letter modification for each company you apply in. If you are…


Should You Beware Of Free Sample Cover Letters For Customer Service Jobs?

Customer service jobs are at the forefront of the best companies in the world and are probably responsible for creating the best economies and yet, people who apply for these jobs think it can be done using free sample cover letters. People who want a career in customer service often turn to these free cover letter samples because they seem to offer the quickest and most convenient solution. And the fact that they’re free also doesn’t hurt. Or does it?

Customer service jobs are specialized jobs

There’s more to…


So You Want to Write Great Cover Letters?

We are 4 interviewers and most of the cover letters we receive are just plain dull. They refer to the ‘attached resume’, indicate an interest in the job and ask for an interview.

But good cover letters can do so much more than this – they can win you an interview!

Interviewers are human and most humans enjoy reading letters. Reading resumes, CVs and job application forms is less exciting and interviewers tend to skim read these at a fair pace.

In fact research suggests that…


Free Cover Letter Tips

In a world of technology the internet has made it possible for people who are not very good at writing a cover letter for their resume to obtain a free cover letter off the internet. Now this may allow for someone who is not knowledgeable in writing a cover letter to now have one for his/her resume but it also can make the employer kick the resume to the curb without ever giving the prospective employee a chance. The trash can is not where you want your resume to…


How do I address a cover letter w/o specific info?

I am applying for a job with a local news agency, but the ad I found doesn’t tell me to submit the cover letter to a specific person. Almost all cover letter samples I see have a heading with “john doe, director of whatever.” What do I do?

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