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Do You Need a Professional Resume Service

Look at all the company closings. The layoffs. The downsizing in corporate America.

Unless you just landed on the planet you know that the job market has produced record numbers of people looking for employment. It’s time to dust off the old resume. When was the last time it was updated? Does it really reflect your work experience or does it come across as flat or…“bleh”?

With the current job market becoming more and more competitive every day, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. Recent statistics have revealed that the average job posting receives over 1000 resumes for a single job opening. What makes yours deserve notice?

You may consider hiring a professional resume service to do the job for you, but these can be rather pricey, with the average cost of $300, and there are services that treat your resume as cookie dough being cut with the same cutter as other resumes. These are the ones that usually sit on an employers desk amongst hundreds of others. similarly cut and collecting dust and coffee rings.

But there is an alternative. There is an affordable service available that offers a fully customized, professionally created and written resume – complete with cover letter and follow up letter, personal service and FREE enhancements for LIFE – for $30!

America’s Best Resumes is an online professional resume service that has been successfully writing resumes for seven years, operated by freelance writer Dave Capra. (

You can now finally get the resume that you deserve. Created by a professional resume service writer with countless happy customer testimonials and a 100% satisfaction rating. A resume that will make you a star, highlighting just the perfect amount of information needed by an employer to get you that all important job interview which will ultimately lead you to employment.

America’s Best Resumes will amaze you at how good you will look on your new resume, showing great benefits in working with a professional resume service. They will help you shorten your job search, give you a competitive edge, get you a salary that you deserve. A professional resume service will open doors and win you the attention to get your phone ringing.

Been out of work for a while? A professional resume service can help smooth gaps on your resume.

Looking to change careers? A professional resume service can help translate your current skills to another industry.

Been out of the job market for an extended time? A professional resume service can make certain your resume looks and feels contemporary. When you spend as much time as I do researching resumes, you begin to see just how important a good one really is.

Whether you are just starting out in the workforce or are a seasoned professional looking for career advancement, it is vital to your job search to have a resume written by a professional resume service. You resume must do one thing and nothing else. It is meant to get you in front of the person that can say…

Your Hired!

Professional Writer specializing in Resumes. Your Professionally written Resume is $20. Your Cover Letter $10. Free Updates and Revisions as needed. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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