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Resume/cover letter help, please – 10pts if you help?

I don’t even know where to get started. Is there a website that has catchy templates for free… anything eye appealing would be wonderful. Has anyone ever seen a jewelry layout?

Also… I’ve never done a cover letter. How do I go about one of those?

Haha.. I’m sorry I sound like an idiot but…

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6 Responses to “Resume/cover letter help, please – 10pts if you help?”

  1. Ravyn says:

    Not an idiot just inexperienced :-) Nothing wrong with that.
    There are free websites for both resumes and cover letters.
    Just do a google search for each one: free resume and free cover letters. From there just check out the options and pick the one
    that feels the best to you.
    Good Luck

  2. lil_moma_inlove says:

    well initially the cover letter is about your profession.

  3. Join the Dark Side *FREE COOKIES says:

    Im in the same boat as you are, my friend gave me a template.

    Put you Name, Address, Phone Number, City, and postal code and the very top in the middle. Try to make your name the biggest font, and you phone number the smallest at the bottom of the top. The fill in the rest.



    -Relevant Experiences:


  4. simonita1967 says:

    This might help you as well – download the free ebook:

    Top 10 Serets of the Worlds Greatest Cover Letter: