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How to Get a Job : How to Build a Resume

Building a resume starts at the top of the page with personal contact information that should be centered on the page and easy to read. Write a great resume filled with information pertaining to the job for which it is applied by usingthese tips from a career adviser in this free video on job guidance. Expert: Pat Goodwin Contact: Bio: Pat Goodwin is a certified personnel consultant and a career transition consultant who has worked with hundreds of individuals over the past 20 years. Filmmaker: Todd Green
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4 Responses to “How to Get a Job : How to Build a Resume”

  1. happygamestvfun1 says:

    Shes a sour old hag….

  2. sambulls says:


  3. dosattack777 says:

    same thing happend to me after 8 years i was layed off as a prorammer. thanks!

  4. willida11 says:

    Thanks for the tips. I was laid off from my job after 8 years so it’s been awhile since I’ve done one.