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Can I put babysitting on a job resume?

Can I put babysitting on a job resume? I’ve been babysitting young children for almost 3 years for payment. I’m 16; and that’s just about the only work experience I’ve had so far.
Also on a resume, Can I put jobs that I’ve just volunteered to do?

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7 Responses to “Can I put babysitting on a job resume?”

  1. 2D says:

    You can put any type of work experience whether you’ve been paid or not. Good luck. 2D

  2. SLF says:

    yes, definitely. It shows you are reliable and trustworthy and can take responsiblility, all things employers like. It shows that during your teenage years you were not out smoking crack on street corners every night.
    You can list those qualities on the resume too (under Skills perhaps), also say that references are available from your clients (if they are!)

    Yes, you can put voluntary work too: what matters to an employer is that you have skills, attributes etc that could be applicable to paid employment. Think about what skills all this stuff has given you, and put it all down.

  3. allspiceglitter says:

    You sure can; under ; the more expertise you list- the more experience will be listed; and job offers will come your way!

  4. Hector D says:

    You can put anything on a resume. If you should do it depends on if it is relevant to the kind of job you are getting. Everything you say or do not chose to say on that sheet of paper says a lot about you.
    Good Luck,

  5. I'm Danyell's Wife! says:

    ♥ Yes since you are only 16 any type of paid or volunteer work will show how responsible and dependable you are. :-)

    Good Luck!

  6. xyzlmnop_tx says:

    Absolutely. This is very common when you are relatively young in a career. And volunteer work counts also. It demonstrates that you have motives and desires that extend beyond just money.

    As somebody who has been active in volunteer work over the years, and who has also interviewed hundreds in the business world, you would be surprised how many people simply want a paycheck. No more, no less. What this usually translates to, in my experience, is a worker who tries to get by doing the absolute minimum. I want people who want to be working with me for more than just a monetary reward. Sadly, those folks are getting fewer and farther between these days. But the good news for you is that this means you might stick out head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.

  7. Meg B says:

    YES! I put babysittin on mine. They give me a REALLY good refrence when ppl call them!

    and you can put your volunteer. work on there.. just make sure they dont already have a place for you to list your volunteer services.

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