Where can I find a decent sample cover letter for an Internship?

I’m a soon to be 3rd year architecture student who is looking for a summer internship paid or unpaid.

I want to send my resume to some of the local firms but I need help writing a interest letter considering that I don’t have any office expirience, and have little knowledge about CAD software.

I was hoping someone could show me where I can find a good sample letter, or help by giving me some pointers.

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Get Help With Cover Letter Samples

Cover letter samples are often found in the internet websites. Mind you, there are thousands of cover letter samples that will pop out of your computer screens as you type the keyword in the search engines. Generally, these cover letter samples signify your fullest potential of landing into the job that you want. And because the cover letter samples are too plenty, sample seekers like you end up confused as to which one to pick and pattern your own cover letter.

Cover letter writers like you are acquainted…


Dynamic Cover Letters Revised

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Dynamic Cover Letters Revised


Cover Letter Templates

Cover letter templates can be a great asset to job seekers if they are used correctly. There seems to be some cover letter misconceptions though among job seekers. They use these templates based on their misconception of the cover letter templates and this leads to them receiving no calls requesting they come for an interview. The jobs seeker who have these cover letter misconceptions do not realize they are doing anything wrong when they use the cover letter templates incorrectly based on their misconceptions of its use.

One cover…


Cover Letter Template – Why You Should Be Using One

www.coverletters.genuinefeedback.org – Where to download high quality cover letter templates.
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Cover Letter Example Part 1 From The Resume Elite Job Marketing System

A review of a proven and simple cover letter template from the Resume Elite Job Marketing System found at resumeelite.net If you are looking for a cover letter example check out this 3 part series as to why this cover letter template works. … “cover letter” coverletter “cover letter writing” “cover letter example” “cover leter examples” “cover letter sample” “cover letter samples” “resume cover letter” “coverletter example” “coverletter samples” “coverletter examples” “how to get a job” ” …
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Cover Letter Template

As the economy turns sour, job seekers are putting on their thinking caps and coming up with ever creative ways to get noticed in the job market. From renting billboards, to making themselves a walking resume, getting their potential bosses tipsy and even offering cash incentives, the game of employment has forever changed.

Cover Letter Creator Click here

The real question is, are all these stunts and extreme job hunting strategies effective in getting the ultimate reward – The Job! Or will it damage your credibility in a way…


The Resume Handbook: How to Write Outstanding Resumes and Cover Letters for Every Situation

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Your resume has one purpose: to obtain an interview. In order to create an interview-winning resume, you need to know what to say and how to say it-and The Resume Handbook will show you how. The book focuses on three major objectives:

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Killer Cover Letters and Resumes! The WetFeet Insider Guide

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What you will learn:

* The top five recruiter’s resume pet peeves and the top five things they look for in cover letters and resumes

* How to analyze your skills and determine what you have to offer prospective employers that will put you at the top of their list

* How to write achievement statements, as opposed to job descriptions

* How to write the perfect cover letter that will grab the recruiter’s attention

* The core components of a focused and effective…


The Amazing Secret Cold Cover Letter

In sales, when people talk about cold calling, they are actually trying to get hold of a potential client that has not yet decided for such interaction. The client is not aware of such calls or has not purposely requested the salesperson to call him or her, hence, the term “cold.”

Similarly, cold cover letters can provide you the opportunity of contacting a hiring manager and inquire for any possibilities of employment in their company. In most cases, there had been no apparent announcements or advertisements regarding the position…


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