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How to Make a Resume – Top 10 Mistakes of Resume Makers

An attention should be paid by the employer and make sure that he should not make any kind of mistakes in his resume and in the cover letter while writing. Some mistakes are carried over while writing resume and cover letter.

So, how to make a resume right? Check the top 10 mistakes that you should always make sure to avoid when you are make a resume. Assign these common career crimes is equal of telling the interviewer that you absolutely do not want the job. The mistakes commonly occurring in the resume making are given below:

* Unattractive layout: One of the reason your resume get unnoticed is because of unattractive or inconsistency of resume layout. The formatting of the layout during a resume making should be as attractive as possible. It can be made by alternating between capital letters and boldface type for separate sections.

* Inappropriate stationery: Using of stationery and writing paper is the real way to express something about you to the employer, but this works only for your personal task but not for the professional one. So make your resume on professional papers with a heavy stock on those papers.

* Too fancy fonts: Like using the stationery elaborately this can go against you in this business, usage of too decorating fonts can also damage your goodwill as a professional jobs seeker. Times or Arial fonts are the best fonts to use in a professional resume making.

* Making Corrections: A perfect resume is a one which contains minimum mistakes or we can say no mistakes. If you are aware of the mistake what you make in your resume, go back and do the rectifications in the document directly, and reprint it instead of making correction on the paper using pen or pencil. No excuse will be entertained to be less than perfect if you know how to make resume being a winner.

* Incorrect and inappropriate Information: The information you entered in the cover letter and resume should be accurate and make sense. If a sensitive interviewer finds any incorrect information on the cover letter it bothers him a lot. In the same way there should not be any incorrect or fake information in the resume. So make sure and check twice before sending it. Inappropriate information should be avoided.

* Typos: One of the major problems encountered often with the interviewer while going through the resume having slew of typos. This reason can be enough to exclude the interviewee from the running. A quick spell and careful edit are the ways this error can be prevented. Software can check mistakes when you make resume.

* Comparisons and Cliches: Always avoid usage of cliches and obvious comparisons while making a cover letter, as it sounds someone else is writing the exact same thing.

* No Signature: Signature is acting as one of the important things which a employer is looking. When you send the cover letter without having signed, it makes an impression in the employer’s mind that you are lacking with certain skills.

* Missing Resume: This mistake sound ridiculous, though it seems like to make. Many people send out a cover letter and forget to include the resume in it. This also makes a negative impression in the employers mind on lacking of skills.

Write the main tips covered above. The putting it on paper will help you remember how to make a resume by right way. Start self-made tutorial!

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