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Attention All Managers…are you Being a Good Employment Brand Steward?

Attention All Managers…Are You Being a Good “Employment Brand” Steward?

Well you’ve heard me say over and over again… A strong culture = a strong brand; A strong brand = attracts and retains a quality workforce; A quality workforce = a strong culture…

Employment Branding is as important internally as it is externally. The perception that your current employees have of your organization “as a place to work” is the strongest “employment branding” marketing tool you have. Your employment brand is the essence of your organization. It conveys your culture: organizational values, vision, business expertise, and employee and customer relationships.

If your own employees don’t believe it…no one will.

However, internal “employment branding” is often left in the hands of Managers that have not been trained nor who understand the responsibility that comes with being a steward of an “employment brand”.

Fail here and all else is for not.

If you want to build your brand internally? Managers…here are some tips your associates want you to know…Little Things Do Make A Big Difference…

1. Know my name

2. Say hi to me when we pass in the hall

3. Know what job I do for you, your department and company

4. Respond to my e-mails

5. Value my thoughts and opinions

6. Provide reasonable and realistic deadlines

7. Provide the right resources

8. Stop the email abbreviation “ASAP” and adding explanation points!!!!

9. Make me feel secure and valued as an employee

10. Be sincere…no staged “appreciation” speeches

11. Take the time to provide random acts of thoughtfulness

12. Give credit when credit is due

13. Respect my time…show up for meetings on-time

14. Provide clear direction and communication

15. Trust and respect are earned through good leadership

16. Do the right thing

17. Be flexible with work hours when necessary

18. No more cubicle farms

19. Offer a telecommuting option when necessary

20. Stop the pointless, repetitive paperwork

21. Practice respectful Blackberry Etiquette

22. Provide an environment with a good work – life balance

23. Allow me to make decisions

24. Provide realistic opportunity…don’t over promise and under deliver

25. Lead by example

Remember, “good people don’t leave companies they leave managers”.

About MYJOBENGINE: is the internets first “Employment Branding” job board and marketing tool designed specifically for Corporate Staffing professionals seeking effective and efficient ways to promote their “Employment Brand” and corporate career site.

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