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Animal Caretaker Jobs Requirement, Descriptions And Salary

Career Prospects

With the rising consciousness around the world about the necessity of wildlife preservation and animal breeding, career prospects in the field of animal caretakers have taken a jumpstart today. Yet, beginning as a volunteer could give the perfect opening to the aspirant candidate. Jobs in the area are likely to increase by 19% during the decade 2006-16 according to the statistics offered by American Bureau of Labor.

Eligibility Criteria

One of the features of the job of animal caretaker is the requirements for extensive education for this occupation. Usually the career would require minimum of bachelor’s degree in biology or in any other wings of the animal sciences. High School diploma or GED is essential for the career prospects. In addition the prospective candidate must develop skills like patience, endurance, sensitivity as well as problem solving skills. Moreover tactfulness and customer service skills would also be required. Prospects in career would be good for those who have attended a grooming school.

Responsibilities of Animal Caretaker

Usually the tasks of animal caretaker would include –

• Research of animals, cleaning cages, and replenishing food and water daily;

• Helping the animals to exercise;

• Bathing, trimming nails, and other grooming for the animals under their care;

• Working with the clients to schedule animal housing

Special Animal Caretakers

Groomers come in the category of special animal caretakers that specializes in maintenance of pet’s appearance. Bathing, clipping, combing, and even shaving of the pets are carried out by them. Such groomers take care of horses in the stable by feeding them and cleaning the stalls and replenishing the bedding. A basic requirement for such tasks is informal training to walk, ride as well as exercise the horses.

Animal Trainers

Animal caretaker jobs include the job of animal trainers. These are the people responsible for riding, performance, obedience, security, and also assistance to such people that have disabilities. Developing tactics for achieving the goal and their maintenance are parts of their basic jobs.

Career search in the field of animal caretaker jobs can be made with the help of an educative and informative website online sitting at the cool comforts of one’s home.

Career search in the field of animal caretaker services can become easier when one visits the state university website. The site offers a host of information on the animal caretaker jobs and how to go for them including the job requirements and descriptions and best locations for job search.

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