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show me a sample of a cover letter for employment?

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One Response to “show me a sample of a cover letter for employment?”

  1. beautiful_imperfections says:

    Here is a general template for a cover letter

    Your name

    Company Name
    Contact Person
    Contact Info

    Position you are applying for

    Dear Mr./Ms.

    1st paragraph should be an introduction of yourself and mention the position you are applying for. Tell them why you are interested and if you know someone that works for the company mention them here.

    2nd paragraph/3rd paragraph (depending on how much you need to say) Consists of why they should consider you for the positions. List some special achievements that apply to the postion that you have earned or some unique things about yourself that set you apart from other candidates. Don’t just list things on your resume here because they will be reading that soon enough. Highlight the really inportant things because many HR personnel do not thoroughly look at the resume so the cover letter needs to make a great impression.

    3rd paragraph should conclude things. Thank them for taking the time to read your information and tell them when you will be in contact next about the postion and interview process : “I will be in touch regarding the _______ position within one weeks time and hope you find my skills and qualities to meet the requirements for the positon you seek to fill”

    Respectfully yours (or some polite profession conclusion),

    You name