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How do I show on my cover letter and resume that I’m familiar with internet and search?

I am applying for a job that requires me to have

• Strong familiarity with Internet navigation and research.

So how do I put emphasize in my resume that I’m familiar with internet and I can assist people with their problems?
Please give me some appropriate sentences to include in my resume and cover letter.
Samples and related websites will be appreciated.

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One Response to “How do I show on my cover letter and resume that I’m familiar with internet and search?”

  1. Someone with a free answer says:

    What you need to do is provide some examples of search engines YOU HAVE USED and for which YOU are familiar. If you’ve done any significant research, give a couple of examples.

    Use bullets and/or phrases instead of sentences. I think you will get better results.

    Hmmm… You need help with research so that you can apply for a job requiring research skills/experience. If you don’t have the qualifications yet, it is time to hit the ‘net pretty hard. If you interview, you better know the material. I would have you figured out in two minutes, and so will the majority of interviewers. There is no sense in getting torn apart in an interview.

    Good luck. A few hours on the computer and you should be ready to go.

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