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I’m a high school student; How do I apply for a job? (Need help with building a resume!)?

I’ve never had a job before and I wanted to apply for a job at this tutoring center. All the information said was for me to send in a resume. I have no idea how to build one and to what extent this resume needs to be detailed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? (Maybe provide a link to a website with an appropriate resume layout or a sample of one?) Thank you in advance!

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  1. Rachel Nicole says:

    Well you need to focus on the classes you’ve taken, the grades you’ve gotten, clubs you’re in and have been in, and any volunteer work you’ve done so far. A great FREE site to build your resume on is You can print out a copy and send it in after you’ve filled everything out. Also, if you google free online resume template for high school student you should get a few good ones.

  2. starss. says:

    -list any clubs, sports, honors
    -list your strongest grades

    Work History:
    -if you dont have any its okay, but you can put chores, babysitting, lawnmowing, etc. here

    -say if youre outgoing
    -say if you are a hard worker, work well with others, etc.

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