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write a job resume for high school student?

hi i’m high school student i need to write a resume for this job over the summer. i’ve never had a job before so i don’t know how to write one…

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  1. Jake says:

    Concentrate on your extracurriculars and academic accomplishments. They show your commitment and ability to juggle workloads. Assuming the job you are applying for is a typical summer job, the employer will usually expect applicants to lack experience and base the decision to hire on applicants’ performance in a job interview. In order to reach the interview phase, you need to draft a simple but professional-looking resume that shows you are able to complete a task and “play ball” by submitting a correctly formatted resume, regardless of how much information you can provide on it. Put your name and contact info (which must be accurate!) centered at the top of the resume, followed by the left-aligned body of the resume. The first line after the header should provide your objective, which states why you want the job (and don’t just say for the paycheck, no matter how close to the truth this is). Format your objective like this, “Objective: seeking experience in handling the exchange of money in a retail environment,” but direct the statement to the job you are applying for in particular. Follow your objective statement with your education, which begins with the school you are attending and what year you are currently completing. Provide your GPA if it is above a 3.0. Then write about any extracurriculars you participate in or any special awards you have won or accomplishments you have made at school. Even if your resume is a half page in length, as long as it is formatted professionally you should be able to get an interview at any place that regularly hires high school students. When you get to that step of the job application, visit Microsoft’s Office Live Students Facebook page for interview tips and advice from recruiting professionals:

    Good luck with your application,

    – Jake

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